Keep your pet safe from winter chill this season with

India 9 December 2016: Winter is coming! And it is not just the citizens of Westeros (Game of Thrones, for the uninitiated) that need to be ready to face the cold season!  Winter is a tough season especially for Pets and thus they need extra care and pampering. 

Worried about how to keep your pets warm, pampered and healthy this winter? India's largest Pet Supplies store is here with the  PetSetGoStore and Winter Care for pets store to help. Now get all that your pet needs with just one click!! 

Whether Dogs, Cats, Birds or Fish - has something to offer for all. Choose what you like best for your pets be it from Trick or treat,  Winter clothing,  Beds & furniture,  Aquarium pumps &Filters and many more. 

 For Dog lovers!

Pet Beds

Pet Beds
Get the most warm and comfortable beds for your Dog. This  Pet Set Go Denim Dog Sofa is ideal for convenient indoor bed will give your dog comfortable in hot or cold climates. Winter is a season where Dogs sleep more, so give them the most relaxed experience.   

Winter clothing


Dog pet winter clothing
Do dogs need clothes? Yes, if your dog is feeling really cold and is shivering, you need to be concern about your dog then, there is certainly no harm in putting clothing. Choose the best dress for your puppy or Dog from this winter. From a T-shirt to a woolen coat keep your dog warm and cozy.   




Dog toys from amazon gets you the best toys for either puppies or the huge adult dogs. For dogs, healthy play influences better physical and mental development, emotions and behavior. Play helps pets expend excess energy, which is important for appropriate behavior. Toys encourage play, satisfying animals’ instinctual needs and strengthening the relationship between pet and owner. 

For all those who have small, cute, cubby puppies stocks a wide variety of puppy toys like  Puppy Belted Canvas,  Puppy Dog Toy, etc. For those who have  a huge, heavy Dog, and are looking for toys gives you options like  Rubber Dumble Dog Toy,  Choostix Dog Bone Toy and many more that will take care of your pets total health. Get one today !!  Check - Care Tips for Dogs: Why do dogs need toys?


Dog Collars, Harnesses & Leashes


Dog Collars, Harnesses & Leashes from amazon
Love taking want to keep your dog comfortable during long walks, without losing control? Bring home the ultimate dog accessory - Dog Harness.  


Other Dog care needs


Get the best Hyginene, Treats and Accessories for your dog using this winter. Amazon gives you various options to choose from  Pet Head Brush that will keep your dogs oral hygiene to  Chomp Dry Jerky Chicken with Apple that will help keep your dogs nurituion level. is giving you all the reasons to Pamper your pet dog!!

For Cat lovers!
Accessories for Cats


Accessories for Cats

Accessories for Cats

Cats love scraching themselves, do you also have such a naughty cat, here is perfect accesory for your cat that it will love Pet Set  Go Scratching Tree. Does your cat get into the ting corners of the house gets you  Indoor and Outdoor Rustle tunnel for your pampered cat. Look for more accessories options on the  pet store. 


Toys for Cats


Toys for Cats lovers from amazon

Get attractive, Fun interactive toys that can provide your cat with countless hours of fun. Toys that can help them punch and pounce but wouldn’t hurt them like Kong Feather Top Carrot Cat Toy,  Kitty Thrasher Cat Toy and so on. 

Treats and Cat gromming

Get the best Hyginene and Treats for your cat using this winter. Amazon gives you various options to choose from  Pet Head Fizzy Kitty Mousse Cat  that will keep your cats overall hygiene to  Chomp Salmon Fish that will help keep your cat’s nurituion level. is giving you all the reasons to Pamper your pet cat this winter !! 

More for Pet Care!

Pet carriers


Pet carriers  from amazon

Pet carriers  from amazon

Winter is a holiday season, if you are travel gets you the best pet carrier options. Like you carry a toddler, even pets need extra attention and a comfortable carrier while they travel. Portable carriers are very important while transporting small pets such as cats, dogs, guinea pigs etc from one location to another. Specially for long distance travels. gets you the best options avalible, buy one today!!

The Fish & Aquatics Store


The Fish & Aquatics Store

Get the best of  Nurition,  fish bowls,  pumps and fliters and  aqurium decors at Amazon. in. Fish need as much care and time as other pets. An aquarium should precisely be balanced with the right ecosystem that relies on “good” bacteria to keep fish healthy. There, they help break down the ammonia and nitrite found in fish waste—which, if left unchecked, would be toxic to your fish. 

Birds and Small Pets


Birds and Small Pets

Looking for a Bird feeder which is used to attract a variety of garden bird. Give your garden and the birds an attractive  Natural bird feeder which has to be hanged outdoors and watch the birds fly in for a snack. Range of grain eating birds like sparrows, silver bills, munias to parakeets. Get your little pet a cute toy like a   Coloured Craft Wooden disc hanging bird toy is the perfect toy for all your birds. This is an interactive toy that helps to stimulate the mind of all your birds. The birds need stimulation as there are not able to have a free flight.