Cataract affecting at early age: 25% Patients below 50 years

Earlier Diabetes Infliction the main cause: Dr. Mehta, The Vission Eye Center

Mumbai, December 15, 2016: Cataracts are often associated with senior citizens, however, every year there have been growing number cases of it affecting more number of younger people as well. Eminent eye surgeon Dr. Himanshu Mehta, a senior doctor at The Vission Eye Center whose patients include celebrities, CXOs and HNIs, has seen the average age of cataract patients dip, creating new challenges and also giving rise to modern treatment lines. 

Cataract is clouding of the natural lens in the eye leading to decrease in vision usually associated with aging. However, there have been cases of patients much younger than their 50s and below who are developing cataracts. According to data compiled by The Vission Eye Center, around 25% patients have developed cataracts below 50 years – an age which is considered too young for cataract. 
“Cataract, which used to be an old person’s disease, is now common at ages below 50. Modern lifestyles, food choices, sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise are leading to earlier Diabetes and this is the most significant factor that has caused this demographic shift. Early detection and treatment is therefore an imperative, especially with the modern lines of treatment available. Patients now are afflicted with cataract in their productive years and to have an uninterrupted work life, it is imperative that they get it detected and treated as soon as they see symptoms”, said Dr. Mehta. 

Cataract affecting at early age: 25% Patients below 50 years

“There are several environmental factors also that may explain the lowering age shift for cataract.  Ubiquitous usage of cell phones, computers and tablets over recent years has also contributed to cataract afflicting younger age groups. Additionally, the shift of the eye ailment to younger age is also related to improved detection methods. Decades ago, when the surgery was not precise, patients were advised to wait till the vision is severely affected. But today, it is unacceptable for the younger working people or elderly to live with poor vision when the surgeries are now quicker and safer”, he added.

Modern cataract technologies like FLACS (Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery) have automated some of the most critical steps in cataract surgery making it safer, more precise and reproducible than they were a generation ago. 

“We have the most advanced technologies in treating cataracts available here in India today called FLACS. Lensx is one such system available with many Eye Surgeons here in our country and going more wide spread all across. The bottom-line is that newer medical technologies are now available to treat cataract better and faster than ever before”, said Dr. Mehta.

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