sees exponential growth in demand for software products

Mumbai leads in terms of purchase of Mobile Software
·         Ahmedabad and Chandigarh top the charts for mobile and non-educational software

With the growth in purchase of smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets and increasing internet penetration, Indian customers are increasingly buying various software products online to enhance and protect their  electronic devices. has a selection of over 10,000 products in the software category and is India’s largest online software store with nearly 900 sellers selling software products. Here are a few trends in the software category seen over the last one year. sees exponential growth in demand for software products

Mobile Software
One of the fastest growing sub-categories, Mobile Software, witnessed a growth of over 100%. Some interesting trends seen in the mobile software growth are
·         Top products sold in this category are Multi Device/Android protection software by popular brands like Kaspersky, K7 and Quick Heal
·         Antivirus protection kits were the most sought after product across the country
·         Mumbai leads in the purchase of mobile softwares, followed closely by Bangalore and Delhi
·         Tier II and III cities are close in terms of demand for mobile software products. Ahmedabad and Chandigarh witnessed high demand for mobile software such as Kaspersky Android security and Quick Heal Android Security. Bhopal too has emerged as a growing market for this sub-category

Single User Subscription (Software that can be used by one consumer only)
This sub-category has seen a lot of traction with more than 80% growth with maximum demand from customers. This category is divided into two sub-categories, non-educational software and educational software.
·         Non-educational software which comprises of products like Antivirus, Internet Security, and Total Protection and other office use products saw a phenomenal growth of over 85% in the last one year
o   Top selling brands under this category are - Kaspersky, Quick Heal, McAfee, Eset, K7 and Microsoft
o   Microsoft witnessed a growth of over 75% and saw a nearly 4x spike in sales during Diwali
o   There was high demand for non-educational software from tier II and tier III cities, with Ahmedabad and Chandigarh topping the charts once again
·         Educational software this sub category comprises of topics across school subjects to Engineering, medical and even post graduate subjects. The software available caters to all age groups from class 1 mathematics to competitive exam preparation of JEE, IIT as well as learning new languages.
E-Learning is one of the main growth driver’s for this sub-category and saw good traction with growth of over 35%.
o   Top selling brands include Byjus, Comprint, Average2Excellent, Idaa and Practice Guru
o   Tier II and Tier III cities follow closely with Pune and Ahmedabad seem to be the most academically inclined
o   Selection for Educational software grew with new Educational brands  like WizIQ and Plancess that have recently tied up with
Multi device software (accessing multiple devices like phone, laptop, tablet etc. with a single key)
Has seen a growing inclination by customers. The category over the past one year grew over 2.5x. This can be attributed to the fact that a lot of customers have one account connected to multiple devices, and there is a growing awareness of the convenience of installation and consistency in protection that is provided by multi device software kits.
Overall we saw that customers are increasingly aware of the different types and brands of software programs available in the market and are conscious of avoiding pirated software.
Overall popular brands in demand include Kaspersky, McAfee, Quick Heal, Eset and K7. has also saw healthy demand for the exclusively available McAfee’s 3-year subscription products.