AXN celebrates 10 years of Dexter

Dark, Destructive and Deadly- AXN celebrates 10 years of Dexter!

Mumbai, Friday, 23rd December, 2016: 

He is a forensic technician by day and a serial killer by night. He analyses blood splash pattern during the day and hunts down criminals who go unnoticed by justice system at night. He is Dexter you will love in the day and Dexter you will fear at night. Get ready as AXN India celebrates 10 years of Dexter by airing all seasons of this psychological thriller starting 26th December, Monday to Friday 9:00 PM.

AXN celebrates 10 years of Dexter

The show is rated as one of the highest watched original series with an 8.8 rating on IMDb. Dexter was nominated 4 consecutive times for ‘Outstanding Drama Series’ at Primetime Emmy Awards as well as for ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series’ 5 times in a row. Dexter has also won 2 Golden Globe Awards out of 9 nominations, making it one of the most acclaimed and followed series of all times. By bringing all the seasons back-to-back, AXN India is all set to take the viewers on a compelling and twisted criminal ride.

Michael C. Hall, who plays the protagonist Dexter Morgan in the show, shot to fame as the most loved serial killer globally! On the series completing 10 years, Michael says, “These 10 years have been amazing! In the first season it was so awkward and intense. We were doing something that hadn’t quite been done and by then people didn’t root for a serial killer. Playing the part, I appreciated how much fans were in Dexter’s corner. It’s a real trick because the story is subjectively told and you are always in his head. You are sort of a silent accomplice.”

Come be a part of Dexter’s parallel life and fall in love with a serial killer - Watch back-to-back series from Season 1 – Season 8 only on AXN. He lives Radical, He lives Exclusive, He lives Dangerous, He Lives R.E.D.