18 Foods to include in your Gout Diet

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Gout diet

Gout is a type of Arthritis caused by High uric acid levels in the blood stream. To reduce the risk of gout, it is important to maintain a healthy Gout diet. If you want to reduce the uric acid levels in blood, you will have to avoid alcohol, sugary foods and reduce foods that are rich in purine like meat, poultry, seafood and pulses. Some Vegetables are also high in purine which need to be avoided like cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, peas and mushroom. Breaking down of purine during digestion leads to the formation of uric acid. The accumulation of uric acid in the blood stream leads to joint inflammation and pain.

There are certain super foods that can help to lower the uric acid levels in the blood and should be a part of your Gout Diet.


Water is known to flush out toxins from the body including excess uric acid. It is very important to have at least 10- 12 glasses of water daily to flush out the excess uric acid from the blood stream.


Cherries contain anti - inflammatory compounds known as anthocyanis which work to reduce uric acid levels.These compounds prevents the uric acid from crystallizing and being deposited in the joints. Cherries also work to neutralize the acids and help prevent inflammation and pain caused by gout. Having around 200 gms of cherries daily helps to effectively bring down uric acid levels in the blood. Do include them in your gout diet.


Berries like strawberries, and blueberries are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Including them in your daily diet helps to lower the risk of gout.




Apples contain malic acid which neutralizes the uric acid and also provides relief from the pain and inflammation. Consuming an apple daily after a meal helps to lower the risk of gout.


Lime contains citric acid which is a solvent of the uric acid. Having a glass of water mixed with the juice of half a lime taken twice daily works to lower the uric acid levels and prevents gout.

French bean juice

Another amazing home remedy for gout is to drink juice of French beans. Drink this juice twice daily to treat gout.

Celery seed

One of the most popular home remedy to lower uric acid levels in the body is to consume celery seeds extract. This remedy is sure to lower your uric acid levels and treat the problem of gout.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to have many medicinal properties. It also helps to reduce the levels of uric acid. Apple cider is an excellent detoxifier and can works to eliminate the excess uric acid from the body. Add 3 teaspoons of apple cider to 8 ounces of water and drink this mixture twice daily to treat gout.

Pinto beans

To lower uric acid you need to have a diet that is rich in folic acid. Pinto beans are a rich source of Folic acid and hence should be made a part of your Gout diet.

Vegetable juice gout


Vegetable juices

A mixture vegetable juices like Carrot juice, beet and cucumber juice is said to be very effective in treating gout.Just mix 100 ml each of beet juice and cucumber juice with 300 ml of carrot juice and have it once daily.

Foods rich in Vit C

Make sure to Include vitamin C rich foods in your gout diet to reduce uric acid in the body. Vitamin C works to disintegrate uric acid and gets rid of it out of the body through urine. Awla, guava, kiwi, sweet lime, oranges, capsicum, lemon, tomato and green leafy vegetables are all good sources of Vitamin C..

High-fibre foods

As per research eating foods that are high in dietary fibre help to lower uric acid levels in the blood stream. Dietary fibre works to absorb the uric acid in your bloodstream, and eliminates it from your body. Eat foods that are rich in dietary soluble fibers such as Isabgol, Oats, Broccoli , apples, oranges, pears, strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, celery, and carrots to lower the uric acid in the blood.

Green tea

Drinking a cup of green tea daily helps to control hyperuricemia and lowers your risk of developing gout.

Alkaline Grains

Include grains such as jowar and bajra in your gout diet as they are more alkaline and help to lower the uric acid levels in the blood stream.

18 Foods to include in your Gout Diet


Tomatoes, broccoli, and cucumbers

These are some of the most healthiest vegetables that you must include in your diet. For ages Tomatoes have been used as a home remedy to lower uric acid and treat gout. Fresh tomatoes are alkaline by nature and it increases the alkalinity of the blood when consumed.

Dark chocolate , cocoa

Dark chocolate which has 35% cocoa content is considered to be ideal to reduce uric acid in people suffering from gout. Cocoa is loaded with theobromine which is an alkaloid. Theobromine helps to improve blood circulation. Which in turn, helps to dissolve and process more amount of uric acid.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is an essential fat which is obtained from eating flaxseeds, walnuts, fishes like salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines and is known to reduce inflammation and swelling. Hence it helps to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by gout.

Olive oil

Using cold-pressed olive oil for cooking and baking is considered to be very healthy. Olive oil is said to have anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help in lowering pain and inflammation caused by gout.
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