TRIO ULTIMA - New Launch from Lumiere Dermatology

India 21 November 2016: Finally India has the Trio Ultima, the most advanced laser hair removal in the world! It has been custom made and designed exclusively for Lumiere Dermatology. With double power and cooling, the Trio Ultima requires half the time, 30-40% reduced sessions and is completely painless when compared with other technologies for hair removal. 

Dr. Kiran Lohia

The closest comparison is Soprano Platinum Limited Edition, however Trio Ultima is twice the power and also attacks the blood vessels that supply the follicle, making it twice as effective and requiring lesser sessions with longer lasting results. 

The Trio Ultima essentially gives you 3 different lasers that work together to treat all hair types and even the most sensitive of skin. It has one laser for normal and coarse hair, another for fine and resistant hair, and third laser designed to blast the blood vessel that allows the hair follicle to survive. These three lasers work synergistically and are delivered into the hair follicle together, giving the most amazing, safest and fastest results worldwide. 

The Trio Ultima is a true revolution in laser hair removal. A favorite in the West, it is now exclusively available with award-winning Lumiere Dermatology, which has been named the best dermatology Centre in India. Specialized in the most advanced lasers, Lumiere focuses on delivering the best results for both men and women.  Go bare this summer and book your laser hair removal this November for an exclusive introductory 40% off for the unveiling of this amazing new technology! 

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About Kiran & Lumiere: Dr. Kiran Lohia was born, educated and trained in New York, but now practices in New Delhi. She is a Columbia University graduate and an M.D specializing in Dermatology. Dr. Lohia has the unique distinction of being one of few physicians worldwide with both Cosmetic Formulation and Dermatology degrees, making her a worldwide expert on skin care products and their topical applications.  

A known authority in dermatological technologies such as cosmetic lasers and in all expert indications for botox and fillers, Dr.Lohia is known throughout India for her luxurious, elegant and natural results.