Yoga Helps Build Bone Mass: Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna Organizes Special Yoga Session for Women on World Osteoporosis Day

Yoga for Women

Patna, 2nd November, 2016: With an aim to encourage women to adopt active lifestyles to prevent osteoporosis and other lifestyle diseases, Paras HMRI Hospital today organized a special yoga session for women, where experts educated the participants about the multifarious benefits of the traditional Indian spiritual practice.

Yoga Helps Build Bone Mass: Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna Organizes Special Yoga Session for Women on World Osteoporosis Day

As we observe World Osteoporosis Day, it is important to underline that women are highly prone to osteoporosis or the brittle bone disease, especially after menopause. However, the dreaded condition responsible for most fractures in elderly people can be prevented by adopting a ‘bone-healthy’ lifestyle.

Yoga is one of the most recognized ways of enhancing our body and mental state. Few minutes of yoga any time during the day helps in enhancing and maintaining good health and personality. It has immense benefits for overall health including keeping the spine healthy and strengthening the bones. 
 “Osteoporosis is a condition of extremely soft or ‘porous’ bones. The condition is a result of years of continuous depletion of bone minerals. A person suffering from osteoporosis is highly vulnerable to fractures. Bones become so weak that they can break even due to minor pressure. Peak bone mass is attained by the age of 35 years. Like muscles bones also become stronger when subjected to exercise; this is why people who indulge in heavy manual labor have strong bones. Physical activities like sports and yoga help maintain bone stock,” said Dr. Gautam R Prasad, Consultant, Spine Surgery, Paras HMRI .

More than 100 women participated in the two-hour yoga session where experts not only taught some powerful yogasanas but also educated them about the benefits of yoga. 

With growing competition and stress in every field, need for maintaining good overall health has become a pertinent issue. Many people believe that keeping the body in shape and health 
requires rigorous workouts or expensive gym memberships. . However, the same results can be achieved with Yoga.

Performing a Yogasana daily releases stress and helps attaining mental peace. Regular practice of yoga helps patients with insomnia, depression and anxiety. Regular practice of yoga also helps in attaining right body weight. Yoga is also an effective remedy for smokers. It helps reducing craving for alcohol and tobacco.

“Practice of Yogasana makes bones stronger and healthier. It improves physical posture and helps in keeping the spinal cord healthy. Yoga helps relieve back pain and makes muscles flexible. Yoga helps improve blood circulation in the bones and helps maintain the Calcium Homeostasis thus preventing osteoporosis,” said Dr. Nishikant Kumar, Paras HMRI, Patna Consultant, Orthopedic & Joint Replacement. 

“Yoga does not only a de-stresses you but it also boosts your life and healthy being. When undertaken regularly, yoga helps eliminate toxins from the body and blood. The pure inside leads to the pure outside. Hence, a beautiful and lustrous skin can be achieved by practicing Yoga on daily basis,” said Mr. Arun Goyal, Unit Head, Paras HMRI, Patna