Typhoo - Detoxify yourself with Green Tea

~ Typhoo’s extensive range of specialty green teas for a complete detoxification~

In today’s time toxic agents
​ ​are everywhere, be it in the food we eat, the air we breathe, or the electronics we use on a daily basis. Every day our body intakes abundance of toxins because of the unhealthy food we eat and lifestyle we lead.Hence, a detox becomes extremely essential for a healthy body and mind.To give your system a complete detox and wash out all the toxins from the body, one of the most natural and healthy way is drinking Green Tea.

green tea coconut 2
 green tea coconut 

green tea jasmine
 green tea jasmine 

green tea lemongrass
green tea lemongrass

Green tea masala
 Green tea masala Chai
green tea moroccan min
 green tea moroccan mint

Green tea tulsi
 Green tea Traditional tulsi 

Green teas

Green Tea is a great natural detox agent which purifies the blood and flushes out the harmful chemicals from your body.If included in your diet in the morning, noon and dinnertime, Green Tea really works wonders. It ensures that the body does not have any synthetic chemicals to deal with, which can increase impurities. Green Tea is also a well-known fat burner and when you go through a green tea detox process, you may even shed off some weight as a result of its fat burning properties. 

Typhoo, the iconic British tea brand, brings a variety of high quality specialty green teas .Typhoo Green Teas are expertly blended to be delicately light and pure, providing natural refreshment and energize you from within. Available in seven different flavours, Typhoo Green Tea is the perfect detox agent for your body and completely rejuvenates your senses.Indulge in the mild flavours of high quality Typhoo Green Teas for complete detoxification after the festivities.It comes in the convenience of tea bags that can easily fit into your travel kit, workspace or at home. 

Green Tea Traditional Tulsi

Typhoo Green Tea Traditional Tulsi is a heady combination of premium green tea leaves with tulsi or holy basil. 100% natural Tulsi leaves have been blended with delicate green tea leaves to create a brew that rejuvenates your body and mind. Start your day with Typhoo Green Tea Traditional Tulsi and feel fresh all day long.

Green Tea Lemongrass

Typhoo Green Tea Lemongrass is an exotic fusion of premium green tea leaves with intriguing citrus and lemonflavor. Naturally tangy lemongrass has been blended with green tea leaves to create a zesty brew. An evening cuppa will leave you feeling calm and refreshed after a long, busy day.

Green Tea Jasmine

Typhoo Green Tea Jasmine is a wonderful aromatic combination of premium green teas leaves and Jasmine. Naturally fragrant jasmine has been blended with green tea leaves to create a calming floral brew.  A cup of Typhoo Green Tea Jasmine in the afternoon will rejuvenate your body and mind completely.

Green Tea Coconut

Typhoo Green Tea Coconut combines the rich creaminess of coconut and premium green tea. Naturally sweet and fragrant coconut has been blended with light and green tea leaves to create a sweet and light bodied brew.A cup of Typhoo Green Tea Coconut in the evening will soothe your senses and make you feel relaxed.

Green Tea Masala Chai

Typhoo Green Tea Masala Chai is an exotic fusion of warming Indian spices and premium green tea leaves. The assertive spicy taste of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and cloves, have been deliciously balanced with green tea leaves to create this heartwarming brew.Start your day with Typhoo Green Tea Traditional Tulsi and feel fresh and all day long.

Green Tea Pure

Typhoo Pure Green Tea is a breezy, mesmerizing blend of premium green tea leaves. Carefully selected delicate green tea leaves from the best estates in Darjeeling and Dooars create a light refreshing brew that uplifts your mood naturally.You can have it anytime during the day.

Green Tea Moroccan Mint

Typhoo Green Tea Moroccan Mint combines the tantalizing smoothness of 100% Natural Spearmint leaves with premium green tea leaves. Naturally cool and zesty mint has been blended with green tea leaves to create an exquisite brew that captivates your senses.A cup of Typhoo Green Tea Moroccan Mint in the evening will completely revitalize you.

So sip Typhoo Green Tea anytime of the day and detoxify your body completely in the most natural way.  

Typhoo is available at leading F&B stores in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Goa Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Chandigarh.