Shaily Priya Pandey, Queens Hain Hum - It’s a proud moment for me to debut as an actress in &TV’s

Shaily Priya Pandey says "It’s a proud moment for me to debut as an actress in &TV’s Queens Hain Hum"

Bangalore, November 23, 2016: Door Darshan show Gauri Tera Gaon Bada Pyara fame Shaily Priya Pandey will be seen as one of the protagonists Janhvi Seth in &TV’s Queens Hain Hum. Known for her appearances in a variety of advertisements, Shaily Priya Pandey is all set to make a debut in &TV’s new show. ‘Queens Hain Hum’ is a story based in Delhi that revolves around the lives of 5 women who are best of friends and love spending their ‘me time’ together away from the hustle bustle of home and work. Let’s see what more the talented actress has to say to us ……

It’s a proud moment for me to debut as an actress in &TV’s Queens Hain Hum says Shaily Priya Pandey

It’s a proud moment for me to debut as an actress in &TV’s Queens Hain Hum says Shaily Priya Pandey

Interviewer : Queens Hain Hum – tell us something about the show?

Shaily Priya Pandey : Set in Delhi, Queens Hain Hum is a show that revolves around the story of the lives of these 5 beautiful women who whilst living their own independent life have a deep dark hidden secret of their own. Being living in a society where women are still over shadowed and have been asked to live in the morals of the family, many of them end up making a lot of compromises that leads them to live a life that the others expect them to live. This show on the other hand will try and touch the lives of these women who we aim to inspire to help them raise their voice and live for their own needs instead of the others.

Interviewer : What made you take this show?

Shaily Priya Pandey : This is the first ever Hindi GEC that has come up with such a bold concept that talks about women empowerment and hence this is the first and foremost reason I wanted to take up a show because of the unique content which is different from what you see on TV these days.

Interviewer : Tell us something about your character in the show?

Shaily Priya Pandey : I play the character of Jhanvi Seth on the show. She is an independent workaholic who will be seen having focus just on her career. She doesn’t believe in love or marriage, as she is very ambitious, selfish and an opportunist. There is a huge secret about her in the show that I’m sure is going to take the viewers aback and I hope they enjoy the surprise that’s coming their way.

Interviewer : We have seen you do many commercials? How does it feel to make a debut on &TV with such a bold show?  

Shaily Priya Pandey : It’s an amazing opportunity that I have got and I feel really blessed to have got this role. It’s a proud moment for me to debut as an actress in &TV’s Queens Hain Hum and I’m really looking forward to what is in store for me.

Interviewer : Your role is something that’s completely different! Do you think you will be able to do justice to the show? 

Shaily Priya Pandey : The show has offered me to play an independent ambitious girl who has different aspirations in life. I’m sure each and every girl feels and wants to be as career focused as I am in the show. My acting will come out to the viewers very naturally, and I just hope it reaches the audience in a positive way and they appreciate me.

Interviewer : What is your take on the comparisons with Sex and the City?

Shaily Priya Pandey : I personally feel that their content is way too bolder than the content that our show is going to have. The show is going to have only one thing in common which is women and their lives.

Interviewer : How is your experience working with your co- stars?

Shaily Priya Pandey : It’s a pleasure working with the cast and crew of the show. So far it’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to everything that’s kept in store for me.

Interviewer : What are the expectations from this show?

Shaily Priya Pandey : I am sure that show will do well as it’s a very differently bold conceptualized show. I am hoping that the viewers will love our efforts put into the show.

“Queens Hain Hum” premieres November 28th, Monday to Friday at 8pm only on &TV