Hunarr introduces 'Job Role' based educational program search

Hunarr introduces 'Job Role' based educational program search

Optimizing course search, Hunarr introduces Job Role based educational program search

Make comprehensive career choices based on real job roles

New Delhi, November 21st, 2016: Hunarr, an online training aggregator connecting training seekers to training providers, introduces its latest service in Job role based training program for candidates. Optimizing its educational program search, the new feature enables students to pick courses based on the Key Result Area of a job, i.e. the main activities and responsibilities involved in a specific job role.

This additional feature by the online training platform helps students make a well-informed career decision, which is otherwise based on advice or word of mouth. With this new service, Hunarr is transforming the way career choices are made based on courses opted by learners. Students can now be career ready, with access to full-fledged information and training on what a particular job role entails.

 Elaborating on the impact of this feature on the job market, Siddharth Gupta, Head of Marketing & PR, Hunarr commented, “The job market is currently unstructured with a huge gap in demand and supply of skilled workforce. Hunarr plans to use this feature in suggesting courses to the candidates who were rejected due to poor functional skills. This will strengthen our overall vision of creating an ecosystem, where even untrained, unskilled candidates can find a job for themselves and companies get skilled employees.”

Most candidates tend to face problems during job search due to reasons like – Lack of awareness about skills required for a job; Taking decisions based on mere counseling or recommendation; Lack of transparency regarding job placements; or Lack of knowledge about the authenticity of some training institutes. Thus, ensued by such problems, Hunarr intends to solve these issues by linking skill sets and key result areas of a job to a course, and help candidates pick a career path that suits their aptitude the best. 

Additionally, candidates can check the authenticity of the institute as Hunarr also provides information around job guarantee, placement companies, certifications delivered by the institutes.There are several training institutes providing the relevant courses at varied prices, locations, timings.

There are almost 1000 institutes registered with Hunarr, 6700+ courses posted so far, all over India, of which 10% of the courses give job guarantee. There are 150 + job roles that can be searched on Hunarr including Accountant, Back Office, Graphic Designers, Software developers among many others.

 About Hunarr – an online market place connecting training seekers to training providers, is aimed at addressing the prevailing skill gaps. Hunarr brings training courses closer to learners by associating with reputed training institutes. The primary aim of the portal is to recommend right training avenues that help entry level workers find fulfilling jobs. The unique platform is based out of Mumbai and was founded in October 2015.

Hunarr is the brain-child of Mr. Dinesh Goel, who is also the Co-founder of AasaanJobs, India’s leading online marketplace for entry-level and blue collar jobs.

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