Health benefits of Garlic (Lasun) For Nails

India 19 November 2016
: Garlic has so many benefits which are not only restricted to skin and hair alone. Garlic also works amazingly in getting treating dull and brittle nails. Anti-bacterial properties of garlic helps in preventing any kind of cuticle infection.

Health benefits of Garlic (Lasun) For Nails

a. To treat yellow nails, just crush some garlic cloves lightly to release the juice and rub this clove on your fingernails. Repeat this remedy two times a week and your yellow nails will be long gone and you will be left with long and strong nails in no time.

b. If you have been using a cuticle cream, you can add a few drops of garlic oil or garlic juice to it to get the benefits of garlic  (Lasun) for your nails.

Simple Steps to get Strong Nails using Garlic

If you are having trouble with weak, brittle fingernails in fall and winter weather then these doing these simple steps can help you get some amazingly strong nails. This is a old remedy for strengthening nails while preventing splitting and peeling and it has a secret ingredient. That secret ingredient is Garlic!

Let see what you'll need for this home remedy for strong nails:

1.clear polish

2.1 garlic clove (Lasun)

3.1 lemon slice

What you’ll need to do for strong nails:

1.For this remedy finely chop a small garlic clove, until it’s minced.

2.Now add the finely minced garlic to a bottle of clear nail polish and let it be in the bottle for at least 5-10 days.

3.Now paint your nails with this polish.

4.This will leave a pungent garlic smell on your nails, to get rid of this odor, just wash your hands once the polish has dried with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Follow this remedy for strong nails at least once a week, to get strong nails.