GNSS organized two-day flagship space program in Bengaluru

Bangalore, November 21, 2016: In order to bring together thought leaders in the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) space, India organized a two- day flagship space programme in Bengaluru.  The conference brought together leaders in the GNSS space and provided a platform for audience to engage in discussions around developments in the geo-spatial industry. 

The panel discussions witnessed experts in the industry share solutions and latest developments with the public. Pioneering GNSS Receiver Technology in India, GNSS receiver development and challenges in India, GNSS innovations in IOT were some of the key topics discussed. 

GNSS organized two-day flagship space program in Bengaluru

Mr. Bobbie H Kalra, CEO, Magnasoft, Mr. Shyam Ramamurthy, CPO/CTO Mr. Lalit Makkar, Skymap Global, Mr. Prashanth from Trinetra, T Narayana Rao, Vice President, Accord Software and Systems, Dr. Suresh Kibe, Technical Expert & Ex-Director ISRO were some of the thought leaders present at the summit.  

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bobbie H Kalra, CEO, Magnasoft said “It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of the GNSS conference in India. Magnasoft builds cutting edge technology in smart wearables, mobile, IoT & cloud services to solve real world problems. Our geospatial and engineering services continues to grow, spanning 172 countries with a workforce of close to 1000 professionals. We are focused on innovation with a vision to enrich peoples’ life.  

Magnasoft, a technology products company has developed an in-transit safety solution i.e Northstar which is an integrated platform that protects children while they commute to, and from school. A web application designed specifically for schools empowers the school authorities to manage their transport related information, monitor their fleet and children in real time and take immediate action in case of any incidents. Northstar also has an App for Parents to locate and view their child’s journey in real time. 

“The advances in computing power, cellular connectivity and cloud computing has brought about a broad range of b2c and b2b problem within the ambit of IoT solutions. The Industry is trying to innovate and create products that easily lends itself to solve deep problems across diverse industries” said Mr. Shyam Ramamurthy, CPO/CTO - Magnasoft during the panel discussion.  

About Magnasoft

Magnasoft was founded in the year 2000, with VC funds raised from Global Technology Ventures, the VC arm of the Café Coffee Day Group. It is one of the fastest growing companies in its space and has evolved from an ITES to a technology products company. It builds cutting edge technology in smart wearable’s, mobile, IoT & cloud services. Northstar, the first product from Magnasoft is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Bobbie H. Kalra and Shyam Ramamurthy who aspired to build a world-class product using their core strength i.e. GIS technology.