DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund launches www.dspblackrock.com/learn their new gamified investor education website

Targets reaching over one crore Indians in 2017

New Delhi, November 16, 2016: DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd., one of the premier asset management companies in India, today announced the launch of ‘dspblackrock.com/learn’, a comprehensive digital platform that aims to demystify financial concepts, introduce retail investors to investment planning and further empower them to manage their own wealth. 

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund launches www.dspblackrock.com/learn their new gamified investor education website

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund launches www.dspblackrock.com/learn their new gamified investor education website
Photo Caption - Hemendra Kothari Chairman,DSP BlackRock MutualFund (Left), Aditi Kothari Sales, E-Business and Marketing at DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund,(Center) and Mr C V R Rajendran,CEO, AMFI (Right) at  the launch of  www.dspblackrock.com/learn,

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has been one of the pioneers in investor education. So far, more than 60 lakh online users have consumed DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund’s contemporary and meaningful investor education content including over 100+ videos, informative articles and other digital initiatives. The new investor education portal will enhance and supplement DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund’s existing and successful investor education programs.

‘dspblackrock.com/learn’ is specifically designed to serve the personal finance related informational and learning needs of investors across various levels of financial awareness and maturity. This platform will use an innovative ‘gamified’ approach to enable investors to learn various aspects of personal finance in a way that is relevant and engaging, in a self-timed and self-guided manner. As users consume content, they will encounter quizzes, unlock badges, earn points and track their progress against other users. Additionally, users also have the option to access and process content sequentially or as per their own interest. This responsive and device agnostic platform works across desktop, tablet and mobile devices seamlessly. Through this platform, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund aims to educate an incremental one crore investors in over 200 cities across India by 2017. 

Speaking on the occasion Aditi Kothari Desai, Head - Sales, E-Business and Marketing at DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund said, “A large and ever increasing number of Indians are now earning their own income. At this time, the right investing knowledge, presented in an interesting and meaningful manner, can help them learn how to grow their wealth and make the most of their hard earned money. But how do we get to the largest number of people possible in the most effective manner? This is where digital comes in. We decided to build this robust e-learning website to allow users to consume our new content as they want, when they want it. This platform is a continuation of our efforts to educate both potential and savvy investors on the art and science of investing, in an easy-to-understand and structured manner. Using our new portal and the new content, we aim to target one crore potential and existing investors.” she added further. 

Hemendra Kothari, Chairman, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund said, “We strongly believe that an informed and financially literate Indian investor will have a multiplier effect in our economy. DSP BlackRock’s continuing and well recognized endeavours in the digital space over the last couple of years are a reflection of our belief in the power of digital. Our new investor education portal is an extension of this belief. We are excited and enthusiastic and hope that the website is consumed and liked by all.”

Sudip Mandal, Head – Advisor Marketing at DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund added, “Financial Advisors can leverage ‘dspblackrock.com/learn’ to educate their clients by sharing content and encouraging their clients to register. It’s exciting to think of this platform as a unique opportunity for willing learners and expert advisors to interact and create a dynamic community of better investment decision makers.”

About DSP BlackRock

DSP BlackRock Investment Managers, a Joint Venture between the DSP Group and BlackRock is one of the premier Asset Management Companies in India. The DSP group has a track record of over 150 years and through its investment companies owns a 60% stake in the joint venture.  BlackRock Inc. which owns a 40% stake in the JV, is one of the largest quoted asset management companies in the world and manages assets of USD 5.1 trillion as of September 30, 2016.