Benefit of Hiring a Wedding Planner

India 19 November 2016: 

(Tips shared on behalf of Mr. Ashu Garg, Founder, Good Times Concept events, a wedding architect firm)

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You've been dreaming regarding your wedding ever since you'll be able to remember, and currently that you are engaged; you are excited to begin the planning process. But planning a wedding is not all fun and games -- there is a lot to do to arrange for your big day! If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is a professional advisor who can assist you with most (if not all) of the tasks concerned in planning your wedding. From vendors, accessories, rule and even the smallest of details, this expert has the skills and contacts necessary to make your day close seamlessly. Not to mention that hiring a wedding planner can assist you enjoy the planning process a lot of by taking stress out of the equation!

Is a wedding planner right for you? If you match into one of these 5 classes of brides, then the solution might be yes.

1. You Get Easily Stressed!

Does the thought of planning a wedding stress you out? Sure, there are a lot of details and things to think about, but planning a wedding should be fun! Having a wedding planner can ease the stress that you simply may feel during the planning process. a wedding planner can assist you keep a timeline, stick to your budget and do the heavy-lifting so you'll be able to pay your time at hair and makeup trials or clinking champagne glasses at wedding showers.

Especially on the actual wedding day, it's convenient to have somebody on hand to fix any problems that come up (and there are bound to be a few!). You should not have to worry about sewing a button on the groom's evening wear or finding your grandmother's corsage -- you must be having the time of your life! After all, planning your wedding (and enjoying it) is the no. one priority on your to-do list.

2. You Are Just Not That Into It

So, your supporter spent days picking out the right shade of creative person blue for the candy on the marriage cake. And your sister interviewed six seamstresses before selecting one to alter her wedding dress. But you just are not the kind of lady who's excited about hopping from store to store picking out party favors and centerpieces.

That's OK! A wedding planner is sure to take the items off your hands that you are not interested in doing yourself. Your planner will get to know your tastes so the wedding is tailored around your personality from the start.

It's your planner's job to require care of as many details as you wish, and since you are paying for the service, take advantage of having the professional help.

The key is to have fun while organizing your wedding, so have a planner take care of the needful work so you'll be able to enjoy your engagement.

3. You Have Small Budget

Trying to plan a wedding on a small budget? Although it seems like hiring a wedding planner is unreasonable, it'll truly assist you save money within the long run.

Your wedding planner will work with you to set a budget then help you stick to it, stretching your dollar as far as it will go. Not a big fan of monogrammed napkins but cannot do without an ice sculpture as the buffet centerpiece? By understanding what is important to you, a wedding planner can also assist you determine what items will be cut from the budget so you can afford to get what you want. Because most wedding planners have special relationships with vendors, they will not just get you the best deal in town -- they'll also assist you rest easy knowing you are working with reliable companies.

If you cannot afford to hire a planner to assist you during the entire process, it's acceptable to bring one in halfway through your planning period or even just on your wedding day. This way, you can still benefit from the services of a wedding planner while not the total expense.

4. Your Wedding Is Out Of City

Hiring a wedding planner is a great plan for brides who are having an out of town wedding, whether it's in a very completely different city or country. If you are miles or time zones far from the location, it'll be useful to hire somebody who's familiar with the area also as local vendors and venues.

Not only will a wedding planner assist you get a lot of bang for your buck, he or she will also be able to represent you at meetings with your vendors before the big day. A planner who has information of the area is also handy for serving to organize all of the details you will need to cover for your guests, like hotel accommodations, welcome baskets, maps and directions, and a list of fun things for them to do during their downtime.

5. You Are Just Too Busy

Do you have employment that requires a lot of your time? Or does one just have a lot on your plate in general? A wedding planner can assist you schedule meetings with vendors (or even attend the meetings for you!), pick out linens and invitations, and take care of the other tasks simply that you just don't have time for.

Since wedding planners are professionals, they know the industry far better than the average person. With that in mind, they know specifically where to go to get the services and products that you want, which will cut down on the time you spend searching for what you like.

Benefit of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Benefit of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Benefit of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Benefit of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Benefit of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Benefit of Hiring a Wedding Planner
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