Bebuzzd app to leverage coalition-styled loyalty program to strengthen position across Dubai’s SME segment

New multi-store digital loyalty program sets its sights on driving in growth for local SME players  

UAE November 16, 2016

Bebuzzd, a new multi-store digital loyalty program that aims to provide local businesses with a simpler way to recognize, attract, and retain loyal customers and thereby increase revenues, is set to reinforce its leading position across Dubai’s Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) segment. The new app has set its sights on playing a key role of driving in more growth for local SME players by helping them integrate the loyalty program across one single strategic platform. In line with this, Bebuzzd has revealed its move to leverage its coalition styled loyalty program to help create a vast digital community made up of unique brands and businesses.

Sara Kobayaa, Merchant Success Manager, Bebuzzd
Sara Kobayaa, Merchant Success Manager, Bebuzzd

Recent industry reports have shown that SMEs represent almost 94 per cent of the total number of companies operating in the UAE, with 400,000 SMEs contributing 60 per cent to the nation's GDP, which is forecasted to grow to 70 per cent by 2021. According to Bebuzzd senior executives, SMEs in the country today are playing a central role in the efforts towards the achievement of a continuously growing private sector and diversified economy. The recent launch of the Bebuzzd loyalty program follows after the concept that that loyalty programs in the UAE need to be reimagined in order to extend more value to customers and increase consumer engagement. The strategic partnership between Bebuzzd and local SMEs will give UAE consumers the advantage of receiving value additions and attractive incentives.

“We are witness today to the local SME segment's upward trajectory--driving in continuous growth and development,” said Sara Kobayaa, Merchant Success Manager, Bebuzzd. “Looking to play an important role in this continuing growth, Bebuzzd has made SME empowerment its top priority. We believe that casting the spotlight on SMEs complement the goals and objectives of UAE Vision 2021--focusing strongly on the transition to a knowledge-based economy driving creativity and innovation.”

Bebuzzd provides a mobile experience that represents more convenience for customers--integrating their loyalty program with a mobile wallet for consumers to manage and track all their points and miles in one single platform. By giving customers the ability to track, redeem and exchange all their points and miles on a mobile device, SMEs now make it easier than ever for members to connect to their program, which provides them with further incentive to use over and over.