Arts 4 Peace Awards 2016

First Annual Art for Peace Awards celebration, 2016, at Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA.

New Delhi, 21 November, 2016:
Art For Peace Awards, hosted by Rebecca Holden and Isabella Cascarano, made history in Beverly Hills and Hollywood at the Saban Theatre, where Munni Irone, the founder and CEO of the Art For Peace and Producer Samira Kazemeni united over 2000 attendees from all around the world, under one unique umbrella, for one mission to accomplish. “Peace around the world”.

Arts 4 Peace Awards 2016

Arts 4 Peace Awards 2016

Arts 4 Peace Awards 2016

Munni Irone is the Founder of Art4Peace also is a global Peace Leader. Art4Peace Award stands for Non-Violence, love and Peace. Munni Irone Belongs to Era of conscience.

Samira’s Network was one of the producers of Art4Peace. Samira’s Network is an award winning variety TV Show hosted by the Beauty queen and Jewelry Designer Samira Kazemeni. Samira’s Network air’s Every Friday at 12:30 AM after Midnight on KSCI channel 18. Samira’s Network also hosts and produces Events: Large Red Carpets, Charity Events and fashion shows through out the year. The Network also does PR for companies around the world. Branding is an important part of company’s image and Samira’s Network delivers that to the highest level.

The event began by the national anthem sung by our own Rebecca Holden whose voice trembled the theatre and gave chills. Her welcome speech made everyone emotional and in tears of joy.
Among dignitaries and Peace Leaders, author Michael E Gerber, Joe Smith and Kyss Major, Khalifa Ali and Muhammad Ali Junior, Politicians, Government officials, Royalties from Africa, Russia and Philippines, LA Police, Professors, Doctors, Businessmen and Embassy Consulates were all present. From the entertainment industry, we welcomed Dan William, Eric Robinsons and Maria Conchita Alonso, to name a few. Movie Producer, Andrew Lance, dancer- Angelo Borer, Sculpture- Lin Evola together with the honorable painter, Davood Roosteai from the chryptorealism world who paints with his bare fingers, and the amazing Cao Yong who won our Award for 2016. All these individuals contributed tremendously to the success of this major event.

While diverse religious beliefs and faith came together, hand in hand lighting peace candles, the amazing singers Steve Cooke, Song Writing Shane, Haider Salim, Tehrah Elisa Brown and Rebecca Holden, shared their emotions through their peace songs touching thousands of hearts and souls.

With Live music on stage, and all the attendees who participated interactively and contributed to the humongous energy that reigned through the celebrations, an unique and emotional event was built, connecting us all to the universe with one message of peace.

While limos were stopping in front of the Theatre one after another, guests outside were kept entertained.
Our red carpet from 3pm until 10.30pm kept the cameras flashing and the stars shining. Our DJ did an amazing job keeping the momentum and the vibe through the evening.
Carmelita Pittman walked up the stage and sang “La Vie en Rose”.
Destenee and her dancers got everyone on their toes. Cleutus also sang an amazing Peace song which took everyone’s heart in the audience by storm.

The combination of the awards celebration and entertainment made a unique atmosphere and ambience.
IN OUR BEAUTY CATEGORY: We ended the celebrations by the crowning of the king and Queen of Art for Peace Awards.
Our Queen for 2016 is Erin Haskell and princess are Dr. Lara Shah, Isabella Cascarano and Karen Hoyos and the king for 2016 Art for Peace Awards is King is Joseph Tomangi Junior, Prince are kieth Michael, Basil and Shang Ping.

The winners of A4P Awards 2016 were:
Painting – Davood Roostaei and Coa Yong
Sculpture – Line Evola
Music – Rebecca Holden
Best Vocalist – Tehrah
Best Song Writer – Shane
Best European Rock Singer – Steve Cooke
Best Asian Singer – Haider Salim
Best Rock Group – In the Name of the Freedom
Best Latina Singer-  Garcia la Beltran
Best Latina Vocalist- Merisella La Dama Hierro
Humanitarian Award – Lily Lisa
Dance – Angelo Borer
Martial Art, Male – Dr Kamiar Tarighi and Dr Dehnad
Martial Art, Female – Cynthia Rothrock
Culinary Arts – Gary Arabia
Film – Beverly Hills Christmas, Listen and Rooted in Peace
Best Producer – Andrew Lance
Best Actor – Dan William
Best Latina Actor-  Miguel Angel Rodriguez El Judicial
Best Actress – Maria Conchita Alonso
Best TV hostess- Gloria Kessel
King of Peace – Joseph Tomangi Junior
Queen of Peace – Erin Haskell

While India's Fame Finders media played an important role for the success of the Award ceremony.  Manoj Joshi, founder of Fame Finders Media has been nominated for in Arts 4 Peace Awards, 2017. On association with Arts 4 Peace Awards, Manoj Joshi believes that entire Asian continental should join together for world's peace and to maintain the integrity.