Evion capsules - Best uses of Evion capsules

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India 30 October 2016
: Evion is a popular brand of vitamin E capsules available in the market today. These capsules are easily available in any of the drug stores.

Evion capsules - Best uses of Evion capsules

Evion capsules for Face

Did you know you can use the gel of an Evion capsule on your face for treating scars quickly. Make sure to use it sparingly as the serum inside the capsule is very sticky and can make your face look very oily. You can apply the gel from the Evion capsules on your face every night to reduce the scars and tighten your facial skin. You can also mix the gel from the capsules with your regular face creams, to increase the effect.

Evion Capsules for Nails

Massaging your nail cuticles with a little gel from the Evion capsule will heal dry and flaky skin around your nails, making it nice and soft.

Evion Capsules for Acne

You will be surprised to know that the gel from the Evion capsules works for treating acne as well. To get rid of acne apply a little gel from the capsule on the acne affected part daily. This is probably the fastest and the most effective way to treat pimples and acne.

Evion Capsules for Hair

We all know the benefits of Vitamin E for hair, which is an antioxidant that works to repair and rejuvenate tissues. Applying vitamin E on your scalp helps in reduce inflammation of the scalp and repairs the damaged hair follicles. It also encourages hair growth. We all know that Evion is an vitamin E supplement and hence is beneficial in treating hair problems. Take the serum from the Evion capsule and apply it on your hair from roots to tips and also apply some on your scalp. For this hair treatment you will need 3-4 capsules of Evion depending on how long your hair is. Keep this serum in your hair for 30 minutes and later Wash your hair with water. Using this treatment regularly is sure to give you healthy, strong and shiny hair.

Evion Capsules for General Health

You can take Evion capsules as supplements to fulfill your body’s vitamin E requirement. Taking Evion capsules once a day daily is sure to improve your skin and hair health. You will definitely see results in 15 days of daily use. Your skin will become smoother to the touch and will also become radiant. Your hair will become healthy, strong and silky.
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