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13th October 2016, Hyderabad: Dove, a beauty brand trusted by women and mothers around the world, marked its entry in the baby care category by announcing the launch of Baby Dove in India. With a promise of going beyond mildness to replenish essential moisture, India became the second market in the world, after Brazil, where the brand is present. Celebrity mom Sneha Prasanna formally unveiled the product range at Taj Krishna in Hyderabad. Staying true to its philosophy, Baby Dove celebrated the concept of ‘Real Moms’ and the belief that there is no such thing as perfect mothers, only real ones.






L-R_ Sneha Prasanna, Varkha Chulani and Dr Uday Pai (4)
 L-R_ Sneha Prasanna, Varkha Chulani and Dr Uday Pai 

Sneha Prasanna at the Baby Dove Panel Discussion
 Sneha Prasanna at the Baby Dove Panel Discussion

Sneha Prasanna launches Baby Dove in India
Sneha Prasanna launches Baby Dove in India

Revealing the first look of the product, Sneha Prasanna said, “Being a mother, I completely understand the anxieties that accompany the joys of motherhood. Mothers always seek reassurance that they are on the right track. I am glad that Baby Dove is using their brand philosophy of ‘Real Moms’ to encourage moms across the country to believe in their abilities. My message to Indian mothers is similar to that of Baby Dove, which is to have confidence in their abilities and not be pressurized to be perfect. I have also tried Baby Dove products for my baby, and I love the way his skin feels soft and supple from the very first use.”

The launch of the brand also entailed an interesting panel discussion that highlighted the pressures and anxieties faced by an Indian mom, as revealed by the ‘Real Mothers Heard’ survey conducted by Baby Dove. The survey respondents comprised mothers from six different geographies including USA, UK, India, China, Brazil and Mexico. Celebrity mom Sneha Prasanna, one of the country’s leading clinical psychologists Varkha Chulani and the Ex-President of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) Dr. Uday Ananth Pai shared their points of view by drawing from their personal experiences and reassured moms to ‘trust their way’ as there is no right or wrong way of parenting.

A few surprising insights unearthed by the study showcase that –
•        90% of Indian moms feel pressured to be a perfect parent
•        India ranks highest globally with 54%, where moms would like to go to work rather than stay at home
•        67% new mothers feel guilty when they return to work, rather than staying at home with their child

“From choosing a preferred way of feeding, educating and disciplining their child, or deciding if and when to go back to work, the Real Mothers Heard study revealed split views among women, ultimately showing there is not one ‘right way’ to parent. Even more interestingly, we note that all over the world, mothers are feeling the same way. We want mothers to know that when it comes to themselves and their babies, they do know best,” explained Varkha Chulani.

“We know that having a baby is a turning point in a woman’s life, but this joyous new chapter also comes with new concerns, one of the key ones being baby skincare. Mothers today are facing an enormous amount of pressure; whether it’s balancing views of family, peers and society not to mention the mounting advice available on the topic of the correct way to parent. An effective skin care routine is crucial to a baby, as their yet-to-mature skin is susceptible to damage from cleansers, dry weather and other environmental factors.” said Dr. Uday Ananth Pai.

Commenting on the launch, Prabha Narasimhan, Vice President Skincare - Hindustan Unilever, said, “We are excited to bring Baby Dove to India after a highly successful launch in Brazil. The brand also signifies the entry of Hindustan Unilever in the baby care category. At Baby Dove, we believe that mildness alone is just the first step to protecting a baby’s delicate skin. Our aim is to go beyond mildness and ensure that the lost moisture is replenished, thereby providing superior care. We strongly feel that the Baby Dove campaign resonates with moms globally, and we have set out to reassure moms that they know what’s best for their child.”

Baby Dove brings the heart of the Dove brand into baby care with its newest line of products. Developed for babies with normal to dry skin, the range includes the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby  Bar, Baby Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, and Baby Wipes and a Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar to take extra special care of babies with sensitive skin. Dove has built on its near 60-year heritage of moisture, mildness and care to develop cleansers enriched with its iconic ¼ moisturising cream and patented technology to protect the skin’s natural barrier. Dermatologist tested, and paediatrician approved, Baby Dove contains two ranges with products formulated with cleansers and moisturisers that uniquely replenish essential nutrients and are hypoallergenic and pH neutral for all babies’ skin types.

Baby Dove is available from 1st October, 2016 in Modern Trade, General Trade and Chemist channels. It is also available on Ecommerce portals.

Baby Dove product range is priced at-
·        Baby Dove Bars- INR 27 (50 gm) for both rich moisture and sensitive range
·        Baby Dove Bars- INR 48 (75 gm) for both rich moisture and sensitive range
·        Baby Dove Lotion- INR 180 (200 ml)
·        Baby Dove Diaper Rash Cream- INR 210 (45 gm)
·        Baby Dove Wipes- INR 210 (50 sheets)

Product Line Up
Baby Dove Rich Moisture
New Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture range has been developed for babies with normal to dry skin.  It includes the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar, Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream, and Baby Wipes.
Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture
New Baby Dove’s Sensitive Moisture range has been developed to take extra special care of babies with even the most sensitive skin. This range includes Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar.

About Baby Dove
Baby Dove builds on the Dove brand’s 60 year heritage of moisture, mildness and care with a range of products developed especially for baby’s delicate skin, featuring cleansing products, moisturisers and body care products. Baby Dove products go beyond mildness to actively replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby’s skin. Baby Dove caters for all skin types with its Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture ranges and all products are dermatologist tested and pediatrician approved.

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