5 films where Irrfan Khan Amazed the West

India 19 October 2016: Irrfan Khan one of India’s most visible film exports known how to perfectly strike a balance between the glitter of Bollywood and Hollywood. The kind of Hollywood projects Irrfan has taken up recently, he surely has made his presence felt in the west and it’s a clear indication that Hollywood is taking serious note of this actor. Be it his role in Amazing Spiderman or Life of Pi, the Piku star has left no stone unturned to impress everyone. Let’s have a look at 5 movies by Irrfan Khan which left the audience and critics stunned. 

The Namesake
5 films where Irrfan Khan Amazed the West

The Namesake is an amazing story of an American-born Gogol, the son of Indian immigrants who wants to fit in among his fellow New Yorkers, despite his family's unwillingness to let go of their traditional ways. Irrfan’s sensitive portrayal of a loving Bengali husband and father is simply mesmerizing.

The Warrior

This Indo-British production takes you on a journey of a warrior who becomes prey in a murderous hunt through the Himalayan Mountains. This film brought Irrfan his first international recognition. The movie bagged two BAFTAs, including the award for Best British film.

Life of Pi

Winner of the Golden Globe award for the Best Original Score showcases an epic journey of adventure and discovery. Irrfan plays the adult Pi or Priscine Patel. His moving performance touches people’s heart as he concludes his tale of friendship with the enigmatic tiger.

Slumdog Millionaire

Though he may not have basked in the Slumdog Millionaire Oscar glory as other actors but he still made quite an impact with his short role. He played the role of a morally ambiguous cop interrogating Dev Patel, and thereby getting to know his eventful life, along with the audience.
And finally the movie in which he has again impressed the audience with his brilliant acting - Jurassic World. The movie is being aired for the first time on Indian Television only on Sony PIX on October 22 at 1 PM and 9 PM.
Said the 49 year old actor, Irrfan Khan, “I am glad that Sony PIX will be airing the movie for the first time on Indian Television and this must-watch family entertainer will surely reach out to a larger audience. I have always enjoyed working in Hollywood movies and being a part of a record breaking movie - Jurassic World was a great opportunity”.

Jurassic World

A new theme park is built on the original site of Jurassic Park called Jurassic World. Everything is going well until the park is attacked by a genetically modified giant stealth killing machine. Playing the owner, Simon Masrani, one dialogue from Irrfan sums up Jurassic World for you – “It will give the parents nightmares”.