Studio XClusive Double Premiere - Attack on Titans I & II this September

Indian Television Premieres of the most popular Asian franchise on consecutive Sundays, 18th & 25th September at 9PM

Mumbai, 15th September 2016: What happens when one man single handedly takes on the most powerful clans ever? Does it call for the end of human race or a new beginning? This September, let vengeance seek all the answers as you stand witness to the biggest battles of human survival. For the first time ever on Indian Television, Zee Studio, your most preferred choice for Hollywood presents XClusive Double Premiere of the most talked about action film, Attack on Titans I & II on back to back Sundays, 18th and 25th September at 9PM.

Studio XClusive Double Premiere - Attack on Titans I & II this September

Attack on Titans owes itself to hugely popular Manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Started in 2009, the comic has emerged to be a huge commercial success with 60 million copies in print as of 2016.

The seventh highest-grossing Japanese film at the Japanese box office, first part of Attack on Titans takes you in a world full of giant humanoid Titans that prey on humans. However a sudden attack by a gigantic humanoid titian named Colossal Titan compelled Eren and his friend to join survey corps – a military corporation to avenge the death of their loved ones.  In the second instalment, Eren realizes that he has an unknown power which he then uses to uncover the mystery of titans.                

So experience the never seen before action sequences and realistic animations with Attack on Titans, the most popular comic book adaptations of all time only on your favourite channel, Zee Studio. 

~Tune in to Zee Studio on 18th and 25th September, Sunday at 9 PM and join Eren Jaegar’s fight to save humanity from extinction ~