Bangalore, 7 September, 2016 
– Labsystems Diagnostics, Helsinki, an enterprise of Trivitron Healthcare, the fast growing healthcare multinational headquartered in Chennai, entered into a Joint Association with Shimadzu Corporation, Japan, leader in analytical instruments, for clinical diagnostics in the area of Newborn Screening (NBS). NBS is a preventive pediatric screening service to assess the occurrence of genetic metabolic disorders. These disorders could lead to permanent neurological, cognitive, and physical damage in the child.  When these disorders are detected early enough they can be easily treated.


The companies will cooperate to leverage Labsystems reagent technology leadership and Shimadzu world class instrumentation to enable their global customer base to detect more disorders in newborns, more rapidly and with greater accuracy. 

Labsystems furthermore announces the availability of its new generation NeoMass AAAC assay fully validated on Shimadzu mass spectrometry platforms. NeoMass AACC enables investigators for the first time to detect the entire spectrum of Urea Cycle Metabolic Disorders (UCMD) in newborns.  This assay detects the broadest range of non derivatized analytes available today.

Fabrizio RADICE, Global Sales & Mktg Director, Labsystems Diagnostics, Helsinki commented “Our alliance with Shimadzu will enable us to develop unparalleled integrated solutions for NBS, of which NeoMass AACC is only the start.  Co-development on this level allows us to leverage the impressive technology leadership of Shimadzu instrumentation to provide sensitivity to new disorders, and to provide faster throughput and greater accuracy, which is the key to investigators success in detecting disorders in babies.  We believe our cooperation will have an impact on the suffering caused by these severe, yet eminently preventable diseases”.

Dr. Geraldine Carrard, CEO – Labsystems Diagnostics Oy added, “The deliberations and discussions have paved the way of a trusted and solid partnership. Shimadzu Trivitron Labsystems Diagnostics combination will be an innovative driving force to reckon within the Newborn Screening.”

Shuzo Maruyama, General Manager, Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division Shimadzu Corporation said ‘The agreement between Shimadzu Corporation and LabSystems Diagnostics will help to change the way in new born screening programs can be better, expanding the screening capability with detailed analytics and actionable data creating a new solution for faster, confident diagnosis. Shimadzu is always exploring ways to find a solution that meets a real need and makes a difference to overcome real world challenges. We believe this collaboration with LabSystems Diagnostics will help make smart decisions quicker and will make clinical laboratories more efficient and effective in new born screening’. 

Dr. G.S.K. Velu, Chairman & Managing Director, Trivitron Group of Companies said, “Two world leaders Shimadzu and Labsystems Diagnostics with several decades of expertise in their respective areas of instrumentation and diagnostic reagents will create a winning combination improving access and affordability for Newborn Screening solutions across the globe. We are very excited with this new global association in the New Born Screening area.”

About Trivitron Healthcare Labsystems Diagnostics: 

Trivitron Healthcare is a globally acclaimed healthcare technology solution company headquartered in Chennai, India. Trivitron Healthcare strives to make healthcare technology accessible to all. Trivitron Healthcare offers solutions in laboratory medicine, Radiology, Radiology protection, Cardiology, OR, ICU, renal care, Newborn Screening. 

Labsystems Diagnostics is proud to be part of the Trivitron group of companies since 2012.  Labsystems has been a forerunner in innovative diagnostic research and development for the last 30 years. Labsystems Diagnostics is committed to develop high quality diagnostic solutions for clinical and research laboratories, and for consumer use. The company is dedicated to R&D investment, developing highly qualified personnel and state of the art production. A highly rigorous quality system and CE-marked products ensure sustainable quality of the products. These assets combined with efficient customer support have meant long term customer satisfaction and a solid reputation for success. Within 30 years of experience, Labsystems Diagnostics has been a key pioneer in IVD space and Newborn screening.

A track record of technology leadership: Labsystems has long been a pioneer in the Detection of Metabolic Diseases; first to develop fluorometric PKU (Phenylketonuria) tests for NBS, first to provide PKU assays in micro-plate format, and first to combine high throughput fluorescence tests for both PKU and TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone). Labsystems’ innovative NS2400 fully automated high throughout system for NBS has enabled fully automated screening in high-throughput laboratories, Labsystems Diagnostics has an extensive R&D pipeline of over 35 products under development.

About Shimadzu Corporation:

Founded in 1875, Shimadzu Corporation, a leader in the development of advanced technologies, has a distinguished history of innovation built on the foundation of contributing to society through science and technology. Shimadzu maintains a global network of sales, service, technical support and applications centers on six continents, and has established long-term relationships with a host of highly trained distributors located in over 100 countries.