Evoxyz Technologies Deploys Innovative Child Security Solution at Suncity School

Gurgaon, 06th September 2016
: Evoxyz Technologies, a prominent IoT Technology Company, has partnered with Suncity School to deploy a comprehensive Child monitoring and security system.Considering the sudden rise in child security incidents at schools across India, there is a need for technology to provide mechanisms for prevention of these Issues. Evoxyz, through its remarkable mobile app Evoschool is bringing this change.

Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar, CEO and Co-Founder, Evoxyz Technologies

Evoxyz introduces “Outdoor Location Management System” which is a real time transport management system for schools available through a Smartphone App and Web. Parents and school authorities can track the real time movement of the bus on the Evoschool Appand receive notifications/alerts when the child boards, de-boards, or boards the wrong bus. It also provides alerts to school security staff in case the designated staffs move away from the bus. It is a complete security solution that brings the faculty, school administration, teachers and parents together as a team to be more vigilant and prevent security incidents. As a future roadmap Evoxyz will also integrate live video streams for authorized personnel from with in the Evoschool App.

Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar, CEO, Evoxyz Technologies commented, “Child safety is a critical issue today and schools are now proactively embracing new innovative technology solutions to ensure security.” She further added, “Envisioning a safe environment for children, we have designed a robust child monitoring system, that is effective and incredibly beneficial for parents and schools alike.” 

Ms. Rupa Chakravarty, Principal, Suncity School, said, “This is a great initiative by Evoxyz to improve child safety in schools. Parents and school authorities should start implementing unique and one-of-its-kind solutions such as Evoschool which will help solve the issue of child safety accurately and effectively.” 

The children are given Evotags, that are wearable devices/bands and have a Bluetooth low energy-transmitting chip which helps to track the kids within the school premises and also while on the go. It provides a real-time location of the bus on the map, estimated time of arrival, and has the ability to accurately monitor activities and movement of the child. The app sends notifications and alerts, enabling outdoor and indoor location monitoring. 

Additionally, Evoschool provides extensive reporting and analytics, monitoring of bus speed, capturing any deviation from set route, bus loading, miles driven as well as fuel consumption empowering schools to make data driven decisions for efficient school transportation solutions.

About Evoxyz

Evoxyz Technologies is a Gurgaon based tech start-up that provides a highly configurable and scalable platform for micro location IoT that can be easily integrated by other solution providers to enable quick development of location based solutions. Evoxyz has already built two solutions on their platform which includes Evoschool (a child security school offering) and Evotag. The platform not only enables the solution provider to build quality solutions but also provides them a variety of rich features based on its data analytics engine which are specific to the solution domain such as Child Security, Mobile Workforce management, Health Care, Retail Customer Experience enhancement, Home Security, lost & found, to name a few. 

Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar
(CEO and Co-Founder, Evoxyz Technologies)

Evoxyz Technologies
Evoxyz Technologies is a Gurgaon- based start- up company that provides a highly configurable and scalable platform for micro location tracking that can be easily integrated by other solution providers to enable quick development of location based solutions. The platform not only enables the solution provider to build quality solutions but also provides them a variety of rich features based on its data analytics engine which are specific to the solution domain such as Child Security, Health Care, Retails Customer Experience enhancement, Home Security, GPS Tracking and lost & found, to name a few. 
The world today is going through tremendous social issues, creating a big impact on our daily life. These issues need reforms to an extent where we generate ability to undertake corrective actions by enabling the system to prevent or eradicate them completely. In such a grim and uncontrolled scenario, Evoxyz certainly has the potential to bring a technological respite by enabling solution providers to solve social and business issues at a rapid pace. 
Evoxyz is a unique apparatus. It pioneers the micro-location tracking space, focussing on being an enabler for the entire ecosystem of location based solutions. 
With the help of a technically advanced platform, Evoxyz can assist the present set of companies in realizing the potential value in their data. It can also help new companies and people foraying into this area realize quicker turn- around time in their products, assisting them to focus on the use case which they are building instead of worrying about location tracking, data collection and its analysis. 
Evoxyz provides plug-and-play solutions for the end user, minimising the dependency on hardware. Alongside, effectively saves time and cost. 
Evoxyz has built a prolific platform which can be used by people to build their own solutions. Today, the company has built two successful solutions- namely, EvoSchool and EvoTag. These solutions are extremely simple and easy to use; they ensure high productivity, eliminating mundane administrative tasks overheads in companies/ institutions. 

EvoSchool- is an always- on communications platform between a school, its teachers, students and its parents. It automates school academics, finance and administration. It is a child security solution which provides real time location alerts through GPS tracking, location log and auto attendance from in building premises of the school to the parent App.

EvoTag- An end consumer offering which is a home security solution wherein the consumer buys a small chip based hardware known as an Evotag, configures it with a companion app and deploys it in their home. Each time there is intrusion detection, Evotag alerts the owner through the smart phone App. Besides this, it aids you to track multiple belongings such as your luggage at the airport, your pet etc and also works as innovative device to click selfies.

Founded in September- 2014, Evoxyz is headed by Shilpa Mahna and is led by three Co-Founders, including her, Mr. Sukhesh Madaan and Mr. Abhishek Singh. The founding team has complimentary skill- sets with rich and profound experience in the subject matter of their domain. This collaborative and innovative team is well equipped and efficiently poised to establish Evoxyz as a market leader in providing micro location tracking platform to institutions of all shapes and sizes, across the country. Furtherance, the company intends to spread it’s footprints on the Global map, in the coming years.
As a part of company’s expansion plans, it aspires to create multiple solutions over Evoxyz platform and keep establishing the brand in the upcoming IOT market. The company will be rearing to raise funds for the next 1-2 years so that to invest its energies in building a platform that can disrupt the current state of the art offerings. In the next couple of years Evoxyz plans to setup an end user customer base of at least 10% of the available market. This means approximately 20 million users in the next 2-3 years.

Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar is the CEO and Co- Founder of Evoxyz Technologies. She is an ambitious Techprenuer with over 18 years of rich and profound experience in Software Products and Services. She has progressively taken up different tech- projects and has continuously led various Business Units to successful profitable growth in software development and deployment.

As a determined business leader, she maintains a 360 degree approach on things to enhance the overall trajectory of the business. She identifies the problem areas and intelligently levels the uneven playing field to ensure rapid growth and success of the organisation.

She combines great technical erudition, razor sharp analysis, infectious enthusiasm and the ability to reach out to everybody, senior or junior. Her diligent efforts in her domain/ capacity have effectively contributed1 to accelerate the women- entrepreneurial landscape in the country.
Prior to Evoxyz, she has worked with various prominent organisations such as C-DOT, Aricent, Hughes Group and more. She has completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from PEC- University of Technology in Chandigarh. 

Her predilection in technology empowers her to create inventive tools/ mechanism even during her free time, at home. Her innovative technological methodologies powerfully aid her to introduce new routes and opportunities each time, in trade.

Shilpa has filed various patents in the technology space like ‘Always on system’ and ‘Location tracking’. Currently two patents are in granted stage.
Shilpa has been invited by various prominent platforms in Silicon Valley and various prominent Mobile Developer conferences across India where she successfully presented her thoughts and vision alongside shared her learnings and expertise in the technology –space, as an eminent speaker.
Her vision and strong entrepreneurial bent of mind will surely carve a new niche for her brainchild venture, Evoxyz.