Dragon Fruit (pitahaya) Benefits During Pregnancy for Women

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Benefits of Eating Dragon Fruit (Pithaya) During Pregnancy

India 10 September 2016: Dragon Fruit this fruit are transplanted to Central America probably by Europeans. Dragon Fruit are grown in Southeast Asia, the United States, Israel, Australia, Cyprus and Canary. Dragon Fruit is one of the most healthy fruit to be eaten during pregnancy, as it has a lot of benefits for you and your child. It provides you with all the needed nutrition for growth and development of the child and also assists with a healthy weight gain. Dragon Fruit (pitahaya) also gives your body with needed vitamins and minerals during Pregnancy.

Dragon Fruit (pitahaya) Best Health benefits for Pregnancy Women

Dragon fruit or pitaya is a very beneficial and best choice to eat.

Dragon fruit this sweet fruit is usually red or white in colour with small black seeds and a rich source of vitamin C, carbohydrates, fiber and fat all this is very helpful and beneficial during pregnancy time. Dragon Fruit is a bright pink fruit and its shape with its scaly outer looks exotic.
Pitaya contain a texture similar to kiwi, and it contains small black seeds.  During pregnancy it is advised for pregnant women to take essential nutrition and her fetus by eating the fruit dragon.
 Dragon Fruit is sweet in flavour and best to eat. Dragon fruit is known as pitaya in Hindi,  ajagar phal in Marathi. In malayaalam it is called draigan phal. In Kannada mein draigan phal. In bangaalee mein draigan phal.  Dragon fruit has a lots of nutrition, low in calories, zero cholesterol and this fruit is also filled with lots of antioxidants.

The best way to enjoy the goodness of dragon fruit is to eat it fresh, so how to eat dragon fruit? for that all you need to do is remove the outer part of the fruit and then slice it into two pieces now using a spoon scoop out the inner flesh of the fruit. To make it more tasty and healthy you can add a little honey over the fruit and have it as a quick snack you can also use this amazing fruit to make mocktails and smoothies.

Here we will tell you the best point of dragon fruit why we should eat dragon fruit during pregnancy.

Dragon Fruit Benefits for Pregnant Women

1) Dragon Fruit help you in the formation of red blood cells

Iron is an important element required by the body to form red blood cells Dragon fruit is rich in iron every 100 grams of dragon fruit contains 0.55 percent of iron. lack of iron causes condition like anemia dragon fruit is also very healthy for the fetus in the womb as red blood cells provide oxygen and nutrients to the fetus for its healthy growth.

2) Pregnant Women need carbohydrates for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnant Women need carbohydrates for a healthy pregnancy dragon fruit is beneficial for pregnant women as it is loaded with carbohydrates. In every 100 grams it contains 14 grams of carbohydrates.carbohydrates are broken down by our body in to glucose which provide its with energy hence having Dragon fruit daily provides you with enough energy to be healthy during pregnancy. The daily requirement of carbohydrates for pregnant women is minimum of 135 grams per day.

3) Dragon Fruit Prevents Birth Defects

Beside carbohydrates the next essential nutrients that dragon fruit has is folate Folate is one of the important nutrients that are needed during pregnancy.  Dragon fruit has a good amounts of folate that helps to save your unborn baby from neural tube defects efficiently, This fruit also have needed nutrition like vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin C, and other vitamins that promote proper health, growth, and fetus development. Folate helps in forming red blood cells and protect the baby from nueral tube defects.

4) Dragon Fruit is rich in fibre

Most of the fruit are rich in fibre is important for pregnant women at the time of pregnancy gastrointestinal disorder like constipation mostly occur. Dragon Fruit is rich in fibre content making it a great fruit for pregnant women. Dragon fruit contain 0.3 to 0.9 grams of fiber. Dragon fruit with it fiber content helps to improve your digestion, bowel movements and prevents the risk of constipation  troubles during pregnancy.  Nutrients in the fruit helps you in the cleansing effects and stop the development of several digestive problems.The recommended amount of fiber required daily for pregnant women is to take 28 grams of fiber per day.

5) Dragon Fruit are rich source of nutrition

Dragon fruits are loaded with nutrients like vitamin C, Protein, Phytochemicals, Potassium and many others. Dragon fruit is very helpful for pregnant women  and it fetus. Dragon fruit also contain vitamins B1 that is excellent for the growth of the fetus Promote absorption of protein and help to convert carbohydrates into energy.

6) Dragon Fruit improve bone development

At the time of Pregnancy proper vitamin C from your diet is essential to support the gum, teeth and bone development of your baby. The daily body requirement of vitamin c is at least 70 milligrams. Every 100 grams of dragon fruit contains upto 25 milligrams of vitamin C. You can mix dragon fruit with berries or citrus fruits for a high vitamin C breakfast or snack.

7) Dragon Fruit is a healthy source of fats

Dragon Fruit are not only rich in energy but also in good fats. Healthy fats like omega 3 and omega 6 found in dragon fruit promote brain formation of your unborn baby. One portion of dragon fruit contain 0.1 to 0.6 grams of fats mostly monounsaturated fats. Eating healthy fats like omega 3 and omega 6 supports healthy weight gain at the time of pregnancy.

8) Dragon Fruit Boost Hemoglobin

Dragon fruit contains high amounts of iron and vitamin C which help to increase your hemoglobin count  a lot during pregnancy. To avoid anemia during pregnancy its essential to maintain good hemoglobin level.

9) Dragon Fruit  Prevents Microbial Infections

Dragon fruit is full of Antibacterial and antifungal properties which stop the growth of  bacterial and fungal infections in your organ systems and help you to fight dangerous bacteria and fungal infections at the time of pregnancy. Having dragon fruit while pregnant improves regeneration of cells and quicken healing of injuries and wounds.

10) Dragon Fruit Prevents cancer

Dragon Fruit are rich in antioxidant and vitamin C which fight free radical and boost your immunity and also prevent you from the risk of cancer development at time of pregnancy. Also dragon fruit is rich in carotene which provides you with carcinogenic benefits and stop the growth of tumor.

Dragon fruit or pitaya is a very beneficial and best choice to eat.
 Dragon Fruit help you in the formation of red blood cells

Dragon Fruit Prevents Birth Defects
Dragon Fruit is rich in fibre

Dragon Fruit are rich source of nutrition

Dragon Fruit improve bone development

Dragon Fruit is a healthy source of fats

Dragon Fruit Boost Hemoglobin
Dragon Fruit  Prevents Microbial Infections

Dragon Fruit Prevents cancer
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