DCM Manish Sisodia Adressed the Session on Value and Ethics in Education organised by Indian Education Network

New Delhi: September 10, 2016:  Indian Education Network organised the special session on Value and Ethics in Education at Le Meridien , New Delhi on September 10, 2016. The session was followed by Teacher’s Excellence Award.

DCM Manish Sisodia Adressed the Session on Value and Ethics in Education organised by Indian Education Network

The Event was graced by Chief Guest- Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. On the occasion, he said, “We need to have Education Ministry instead of being a part of part of HRD ministry. He denoted children studying in schools and colleges as the resource for parents. He emphasized on the need of education ministry to formulate the policies and norms for the same. When there is no education ministry then what is the purpose of value education. He says human resource is a tool and not a concept for value education. The classroom has became a war room where students have an intention to compete with each other then how will the idea of value education will persist. Visualisation of illustrations defines a definite picture of particular idea or person that the student feels humiliated when not falling in the criteria. Value is different from education. The contribution towards building bright future is more rather than building a student an ideal human. The students not understanding what is written in text book will work as it is the syllabus compiled beforehand but if they don’t understand what is in note book, that’s the real problem. There is an emergent need to train the teachers, to modify the concept of value education. Soon an institute for training teachers and students will be opened in Delhi for the development of quality education. I want to contest an election on the basis of education that will purely define the substance of quality leaders in our country.”  

At the Discussion Panel,  S.A. Anand, Motivator and NLP Coach, Sudha Bhatia, Faculty, G. D. Goenka, Subhankar Dhar Choudhary, Motivational Speaker and Founder SEAS, Parul Dutta, Faculty, Cambridge, Shikha Kukreja, Faculty, JIMS spoke on Value and Ethics in Education. They Spoke in lenghth of how value and ethics play crtical role in shaping teh careers of young Minds from School itself.

We did this event with the intent to bring it to notice of Education industry the scenario of Value and Ethics in Education and also acknowledge our Teachers, said Manish Chhabra, founder, Indian Education Network.

It is been noticed gravely that with time, the value and devotion towards the education is being degraded. People have stop valuing the importance of education and deal themselves into heinous crimes. A recent report says that most of the crimes say robbery, chain – snatching, acid attacks are being executed by well – educated strata comprising lot from student level.

To impart guidelines regarding importance and ethics of education, Indian Education Network held an interactive session with the schools and college deans and professors to express their views for the same. They help us acknowledge the power and wisdom of knowledge and education.

The event was enlightened with active participation of the invitees. Later, the guests of the evening, professors from different schools and colleges were felicitated with Teacher’s Excellence Award for the role of their excellence in the field of education. The event was concluded by a closing note summarising the dimensions to be framed to empower the Value and Ethics of Education.

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