CA Technologies Accelerates the Development and Integration of Secure APIs for Modern Application Architectures and Mobile Initiatives

CA API Management Portfolio simplifies API Development and Application Visualization, and incorporates Docker Container Support to streamline and speed how organizations build apps

India, September 14, 2016 –
CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) has added new capabilities to its API management portfolio to speed development and dramatically change the way applications are envisioned and brought to reality.

CA Technologies Accelerates the Development and Integration of Secure APIs for Modern Application Architectures and Mobile Initiatives

“CA Technologies is helping customers transform how the applications which drive today’s economy are built,” said Vic Mankotia, vice president, Security & API Management, CA Technologies. “The new releases in CA’s API Management portfolio help accelerate time-to-market for new apps and services by giving API and mobile developers important tools that make their jobs easier.”

Simplifying API Development and Application Visualization

“CA is dramatically changing the application development dynamic for how APIs and entire application backends are created,” said Alexei Balaganski, Analyst, KuppingerCole. “CA Live API Creator is a valuable addition to the company’s already first-class API management portfolio.”

This release of CA Live API Creator makes API and application backend creation simpler for developers and easier for business users to directly engage in the process. By eliminating the need for database expertise and incorporating an interactive and graphical interface, CA Live API Creator allows individuals outside the normal development process, such as business managers, to directly participate in application creation. It give users the opportunity to take an application idea and visualize it themselves instead of bringing in a whole development squad at the outset.

Accelerating Development for Modern Application Architectures

CA Technologies also released updates to its API Gateway and Mobile App Services products with new capabilities to enhance developer productivity. New functionality includes:
·         CA API Gateway support for Docker® containers to provide developers with the agility, control and portability for faster development.
·         Convenient open-source access to CA Mobile App Services components, such as software development kits, on GitHub to boost developer adoption and convenience.
·         CA Mobile API Gateway support for the Android™ platform and multi-factor authentication for developers accessing APIs.

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