Boman Irani and Ambi Pur win big in their face-off against India’s worst home odours!

Consumers, along with ace director and choreographer Farah Khan, convinced that Ambi Pur truly removes odours, taking their house from #SmellyToSmiley

Hyderabad, September 13, 2016: Leading Bollywood star and Brand Ambassador for Ambi Pur India, today announced Ambi Pur’s victory against the worst home odours, in the very interesting and unique Smelfie Challenge. Initiated last month, the ‘Smelfie’ contest invited people from across the country to challenge Boman and Ambi Pur with their toughest home odours. Boman opened up the doors to his house for the 20 very lucky winners for an exclusive house party, where they saw for themselves, Ambi Pur living up to the challenge and truly removing every tough odour instead of just covering them up!

Boman Irani and Farah Khan at the culmination of Ambi Pur National Smelf...
 Boman Irani and Farah Khan at the culmination of Ambi Pur National Smelfie

Boman wins the Ambi Pur National Smelfie Challenge
 Boman wins the Ambi Pur National Smelfie Challenge

L-R- Boman Irani- Maxim Daled- Researcher at Ambi Pur and Farah Khan
L-R- Boman Irani- Maxim Daled- Researcher at Ambi Pur and Farah Khan

The contest had consumers share some very interesting and common odours that a majority of us face in our daily lives! There were few that came up constantly, to become the top odours that people feel are the toughest to get rid of, and eventually these were the ones that Ambi Pur went up against in the stink-off! The all-encompassing smell of fish – whether raw or cooked, the inevitable smell reeking from soiled diapers, the stinky shoes-and-socks combo, the musky, mouldy smell that comes along with the monsoon season - were all tackled and removed completely by Ambi Pur. 

This also reinforces the fact that every house, no matter how clean, can still suffer from stinky situations. The need of the hour is to stop being embarrassed about it, and take action to tackle it. It is not just enough to cover them, it is imperative to completely remove these odours so that your house can go from smelly to smiley! Boman claims Ambi Pur as his secret weapon for his house. Today, it also became something that Farah Khan will going forward swear by to save her from stinky situations and leave her house smelling nice! 

Boman Irani, Actor and Brand Ambassador of Ambi Pur said, “Ambi Pur has been part of my home for a long time, it’s always on my shopping list. My trust in this brand has grown even more with the culmination of this Smelfie Challenge as Ambi Pur has now proved to not just the winners, but the entire nation that it completely eliminates even the toughest household odors. I want more and more people to realize that it is not as embarrassing to have these home odours, as it is to keep ignoring them!  So stop opening windows, or spraying expensive perfume around the room… just get yourself an Ambi Pur.”

Farah Khan, Director, Choreographer and ‘Smelfie Challenge’ participant, said “No one likes odors, and definitely not me! But we have faced it at some time or the other. I’m proud to say that I took the smelfie challenge against Boman and Ambi Pur, and brought the one odour I feel is the toughest to get rid of – fish! And I cannot be happier to say that I was outwitted in no time by Ambi Pur. I saw it myself - Ambi Pur completely removed the fish smell. Thank god, my family can have fish more often now! I hate losing, especially against Boman, but I am bot upset as now I can be a better host and have my house be guest ready always!”

Maxim Daled, R&D Expert and Researcher for Ambi Pur, said, “Today, we are all more conscious about our perception in front of the others, than we were earlier. This consciousness also translates in how we host guests at our place. When talking about households, people usually ignore the smell that lingers-in, even in the cleanest house. We wanted our audience to experience for themselves the difference that can be created within the home by making it smell nice. Not just by adding another smell to the mix, or masking the odour for a short period, but rather eliminating the odour completely leaving behind a sense of freshness by using Ambi Pur.”

Ambi Pur Air Effects is specially designed to not only eliminate odours, but to also provide a light fragrance in order to truly refresh your home. Unlike traditional air fresheners Ambi Pur uses superior odour-elimination technologies to eliminate odours, rather than covering them up.  Developed by an expert team, Ambi Pur products are safe to use as directed all around the home. 

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