Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

India 03 September 2016: 

You must add Fruit in your daily diet it is best to eat fruit to get glowing skin. You must eat Fruit by eating fruits it keeps your skin rejuvenate, natural hydration and also improve your skin texture. Eating fruit will get you a clear complexion and will also make your skin appear youthful and glowing.

Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Fruits have no side effects and are affordable at the same time. They are free from poison and have a lots of skin and health benefits.

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Here is the Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin 

1- Bananas are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin 

 Bananas are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Banana this fruit is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Potassium and also act as an anti-ageing agent. with the help of Vitamin A we can gets rid of dark spots and blemishes and also evens out rough skin. with the help of Vitamin B -  its delay aging, lessens dryness, moisturizes and lightens skin. Vitamin E do a work of a protector, Its fight from free radical impairment, boosts the skin’s sun-rays resistance, prevents and make lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Potassium helps to gets rid of dry skin by moisturizing and hydrating skin cells

Banana are also a rich source of fiber, minerals, magnesium and potassium which helps for a proper blood circulation in our body and build our immunity system. Banana fruit help you reach your weight loss goals and keep your bowels system healthy. Instead of eating unhealthy meals we must eat banana as a snack.

2 - Lemons are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin 

Lemons are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Lemons are easily available in market Lemons this fruit is a citrus fruit which is rich in vitamin c, Vitamin B, Phosphorus and Carbohydrates. This Fruit acid is good for skin. Lemons act as a natural bleaching properties which help in making a good cleanser that lightens our blemishes, acne scars, lighten and reduces the spots and skin tone. Lemon juice has a lots of beneficial nutrients, which improve the health of the skin and body. Lemon this fruit we can used internally and externally internally for many health benefits and externally for lots of skincare products. Lemon is best for our skin. Lemons work best to lighten the pimple marks.

We must drink a glass of warm water mixed with a lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. 

3- Oranges are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Oranges are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Orange this fruit is rich in citric acid which help us to get rid of acne. Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C Orange is best and excellent beauty aid in reversing the aging process.Oranges helps us in improving the texture of our skin.  Dont throw away the peels we must Dry them orange peels in the sun and make powder of it, and must store dried powder in an airtight container. To get clear and glowing skin we must use this natural scrub once a week.

Eating oranges activate the detoxification of our body. It keeps oxygen in the skin and make our skin radiant and look fresh. This Citrus fruit acids exfoliate our skin to reveal a brighter skin every day. 

4- Apples are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Apples are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Apples are also a best fruit for getting glowing skin. By eating raw apple we can gain beautiful and glowing skin. Apple is a wonderful and best fruit which has skin friendly nutrients such as copper and vitamin C. To Make your skin look youthful you can have an apple a day. The essential minerals like potassium is required for your skin is also available in apple. The high antioxidant content present in apples prevents cell, tissue damage and aging.
Apple this fruit minimize wrinkles, fine lines and also keeping our bowels clean. We all must apply apple juice and add honey on your face, let it dry and once its dry you must wash off. This is good and best hydrating face mask.

5 Papaya fruit are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Papaya fruit are Best fruit for getting Glowing Skin

Papaya are rich source of antioxidant, enzyme called papain is present in papaya. Papaya are best and good if you want to have a healthy youthful glow.
Enzyme called papapin can remove skin impurities and also remove the dead skin cells when papaya is applied on the skin topically.
  • We must rub our face with the inside of the papaya for about a minute to exfoliate, cleanse and soften your skin. 
  • Blend papaya and Two tablespoons of honey or yogurt and apply this mixture as a mask.
  • After doing this rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes
  • Next Apply a moisturizer

Best and important point

Massage a skin with fruit pulp to increase the blood flow which will help your skin to absorb the essential nutrients from the fruits
We must clean our skin and apply it.
Make sure that you moisturize the skin after applying it
We must use homemade fruit face masks on regularly basis to improve our skin texture and tone.

Fruit packs made from home will work wonders for your skin:

Apply Papaya Fruit Pack For Glowing And Rejuvenated Skin

We must mash the fruit into a pulp and massage it on damp skin for around 20 minutes and after that we must wash off

Other Fruit that also help in skin care:

With Honey it will Moisturizes and prevents acne
With  Lemon juice it will Fades scars
Ground Oats  it is best for scrubbing
Green tea extract it will rejuvenates our skin
With the help of yogurt it will Reduce skin tanning
With the help of Orange juice it will Fades scars

For Dry Skin we must use Cucumber Fruit Face Pack 

We must grate this skin-cooling ingredient. After grating we must apply the juice on the face and neck and let it dry. Once it is dried we must wash it off. We must refrigerate the remaining pulp and must apply the pack for our eyes.

For the toning skin apply Mixed Fruit Face Pack 

Mixed Fruit Face Pack comprises the pulp of all fruits available in the market. 1 spoon of each fruit pulp should be added and blended and we must massage it all over the face and neck.

Kiwi Fruit Pack For Tan:

Kiwi fruit puree and one spoon of yogurt. We must mix these two and massage it on our face. We must keep it for 20 minutes and than wash off.

If you have dull and tanned skin we must apply Strawberry Face Pack

We must take strawberry fruit pulp and mix it with water.
Massage it on the face and wash it after some time.