Archana depicts the beautiful Taj Mahal in a Banjara handwriting with her collection “A tale of two travels” at the FTL New York Fashion Week SS17

  -Archana to promote the cause of all beauty inclusion, supports the initiative “Bring Beauty Back” at the New York Fashion runway.

India September 3rd 2016:
Following the grand success at the New York Fashion Week runway last year, Ace Designer Archana Kochhar will be showcasing her new digital collection “A Tale of Two Travels”, a mélange of her travel to the breathtaking Taj Mahal and the village of the colorful nomadic tribe Banjara, at the “FTL New York Fashion Week SS17” on 8th September, 2016. Further promoting the concept of all-inclusive beauty, Designer Archana Kochhar is supporting the initiative “Bring Beauty Back”, at the FTL New York Fashion Week, where acid attack survivor Reshma Banoo Qureshi will walk the ramp for her.

Designer Archana Kochhar's sketches for NYFW

Designer Archana Kochhar's sketches for NYFW

Designer Archana Kochhar's sketches for NYFW

“I am thrilled and excited to be showcasing my collection for the second time at the FTL New York Fashion Week SS17. A tale of two travels has been inspired by my travel to the Taj Mahal and the village of Banjara’s. The collection inspired by Banjara is a part of the “Make in India” Campaign, initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here I have worked with different sets of artisans from across India trying to revive and re-energize different art forms of India, some of which are dying. The translation of the collection is modern, keeping the essence of Banjara intact. My second inspiration of the collection is by the magnificent Taj Mahal, this palatial structure is known as the epitome of Love with its exquisiteness and elegance earned it the title of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The most interesting aspect of this collection is the way the Taj has been depicted in Banjara handwriting. I feel it is a very contemporary translation of Taj, which has never been attempted before”, shared Designer Archana Kochhar.

“A tale of Two Travels” is a thoughtful creation that imparts royal individuality of the surreal Taj and gleams in the colorful essence of Banjara. The first inspiration of the collection is by the nomadic tribe of India called Banjara, known for the craft of the vibrant mesmerizing colors and rustic mirror work in India. The color pallet of this collection is ivory offset with colorful digitally printed motifs which is further highlighted with multi-color thread work and mirror work. The second inspiration of the collection is by the magnificent Taj Mahal. Depicting a dreamy vision, the collection is an exclusive range of colorful intricate digital prints depicting the vibrant symbolic motifs of the amazing Taj Mahal, the beautiful lotus flower, the mighty royal elephants balanced with geometric motifs.

The new line is a foci of contemporary silhouettes fused with a glimpse of Indian conventional cuts to bring forward the concept of the east meets the west. The silhouettes comprises of cold shoulder crop tops, caplets, flared bell bottoms, flared skirts, pencil skirts, high waist shorts, paper bag skirts, dhoti pants, structured gowns, key hole gowns, flowy drapes and jumpsuits.

Commenting on her supporting the initiative of "Bring Beauty Back" at the New York Fashion Week, Designer Archana Kochhar said, "The initiative of “Bring Beauty Back” is about inclusion of all forms of beauty. I believe beauty is not external, but rather what comes from within. Fashion weeks are platforms, which are considered as benchmarks for beauty. Hence it is imperative to promote the "Inclusion of all forms of beauty" concept on such platforms to change the stereotypical thinking”. She continues to state, "Reshma was a perfect choice as she in her own way has been working extensively for a similar cause of supporting the survivors of acid attack victims".