Anamika Mishra’s VoiceMates Has Got A Lot To Teach You

India 30 September 2016: 
After the success of critically acclaimed novel Too hard to handle, Anamika’s VoiceMates is leaving no stone unturned in creating ripples amongs the readers. VoiceMates which is now among the national bestsellers, has been published by Jaico books, is an inpsiring novel which has got a lot to teach you about life, dreams, passion and relationships.

 ‘When Jaico told me that they are going to publish my VoiceMates, I was on Cloud 9’, says popular-amongst-the-youth author Anamika Mishra. Her debut novel Too hard to handle was an instant hit. It was a general fiction novel which was written with much maturity that readers didn’t believe that it was written by such a young girl. During a panel discussion VESIM Lit Fest, the moderator Aparna Sharma who is an author of bestselling non-fiction Reality Bytes-role of HR in today's world, said that when she first met Anamika, she couldn’t believe her as she thought she is too young to be a writer and a motivational speaker, but after her session Mishra left everyone bowled by her inspiring words and strong perceptions.

Anamika Mishra’s VoiceMates Has Got A Lot To Teach You

VoiceMates is a young adult fiction which revolves around a 18-year-old girl who holds a secret passion for singing, but fear of failure and her parent’s expectation stops her to take the chance of following her passion. It is an inspiring story and writer is hoping it will interest and inspire readers of all ages. Not just about the passion and dreams, but VoiceMates also has got a strong and important message about relationships for youngsters.

This highly optimist author believes that dreams do come true, all you need is to have a little patience and firm determination in you. ‘I am a big fan of Paulo Coelho and admire him as my role model, though I follow Robin Sharma and want to be like him’, she adds

VoiceMates have been appreciated by Ravi Subramanian, author of 8 bestselling and award-winning novels  in a tweet where he gave 4/5 for it which is really a big thing for an young author like Anamika.

In such a younger age, she has achieved so much but still despite her popularity she says, ‘this is just beginning to something that is really big. When time will come, everyone will know!’