Smart Money Management Solutions for Youngsters, with the launch of the New Version of Slonkit’s Trendy App

India’s first youth money management app that encourages smart money habits

Mumbai, 23rd August 2016: Sienna Systems Resources Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of the new version of Slonkit, its smart money management tool for youngsters. The user friendly mobile app is linked to a personalized reloadable VISA prepaid card and can be used by youngsters who are 10 years of age and older.

Smart Money Management Solutions for Youngsters, with the launch of the New Version of Slonkit’s Trendy App

Youngsters can use the card for online as well as offline purchases across all VISA accepting merchants making the process seamless and cashless with an integrated mobile-first approach. If one loses the card, it can instantly be blocked or suspended through the Slonkit app. The app also enables parents to instantly credit their child’s card with money as required at the convenience of a tap. Through Slonkit, parents can guide their children and help them plan their finances, set budgets and save money thus enabling them to grow into responsible young adults.

Some of the exciting Slonkit features include:
◦Expense Manager–Categorize and manage monthly expenses
◦Budget Tracker–Set budget limits and alerts
◦My Slonkit  - A spend-based persona feature
◦Go Dutch - Split bills with friends & get your share back instantly
◦Recharge - Quick & convenient mobile recharge
◦Slonkit Offers – Exciting offers across your favorite merchants

The app is a one of its kind finance management tool with fun elements such as “My Slonkit”, a feature that creates spend based personas such as Foodie, Nomad, Movie Maniac, etc. In addition, it has features such as “Expense Manager” which displays monthly expenses across different categories such as food, travel, bills etc. The app also features a “Budget Tracker” which enables youngsters to set budgets for their expenses across categories.

Commenting on the development, Murad Nathani, Co-Founder of Slonkit, stated, “Our survey revealed that about 55% of youngsters fall short of money way before the month ends. Our proposition has therefore always been to help youngsters practice good money habits such as saving and also enabling them to get maximum value for their money by leveraging various Slonkit offers. With features such as Expense Manager, Budget Tracker etc. we endeavor to give each user a customized insight into his/her expenses across categories, and also enable setting of budgets to track and monitor “spend”. With “My Slonkit”, we will enable them to compare their spend-based ranks  with their peers through the Slonkit app. Slonkit will also analyze user spending patterns and behaviors, and provide customized offers to its users (Slonkiteers) in categories of interest to them. This will not only let Slonkiteers indulge in things they like, but also help them save money in the process.”

Bringing in the parent angle, Javed Tapia, Co-Founder of Slonkit, commented, “Slonkit is a first-of-its-kind app in India to come up with features that enable youngsters to understand money management and smartly handle their money. For parents with youngsters and teenage kids at home, Slonkit can help their children to learn smarter money management – an essential life skill - in a practical way and have fun in the process. The responsible freedom that comes with it is probably the best gift that parents can give their children.”

Slonkit stands for saving, learning, gaining knowledge and enhancing intelligence regarding all aspects of good money habits thereby creating a new generation of smarter money managers. It aims to revolutionize the way the new generation spends and manages money, by enabling them with smarter personal financial management solutions. Slonkit envisions a new generation of conscious young adults making informed choices about their money and their financial future.

About Slonkit. : 

Slonkit, the flagship product of Sienna Systems Resources Pvt. Ltd., is India’s first mobile app linked to a prepaid VISA card that enables youngsters to manage their money smartly. Through the mobile app, Slonkit enables youngsters to get themselves their first pre-paid card, manage their expenses through the mobile app, make purchases at any POS or online, set budgets across categories such as food, shopping, travel etc., receive alerts and gain insights into their “spend” across categories. Slonkit also enables parents of children age 10 years and above to credit their child’s pocket money on to the Slonkit card and let their children use their very own card and mobile app thereby learning an essential life skill- smart money management. For more information on Slonkit, please visit