Now, enhances buyers’ home search experience with Facebook Messenger Bot

New Delhi, 9th Aug 2016 – Going a step ahead in embracing automated technology for enhanced user experience, an online real estate marketplace makaan has launched a Facebook Messenger bot that provides quick and easy access to information through question and answer over chat. This makes makaan one of the first online real estate providers in India to go live with Facebook's bot service for providing details of properties for purchase/rent across all cities and localities of India. 

At the centre of this initiative is makaan’s recognition that home buying is a time-consuming and lengthy process and involves hard-earned money. So, before putting their money into real estate, individuals would want to be sure and get as many perspectives as possible. One tends to consult many property agents to shortlist the properties that match one’s requirements. Prospective buyers also consult their family and friends to confirm if their decision is right. Considering these and in line with the company’s approach to enable assisted home buying, makaan’s Facebook Messenger bot uses intuitive artificial intelligence to provide users relevant information and data.

Now, enhances buyers’ home search experience with Facebook Messenger Bot

The bot allows users to have a more natural communication and saves on time spent in flipping between apps and websites. It is very easy to use – if you like a property, the bot lets you directly connect with an agent in real time. You can also narrow down your search by applying basic filters, in case you have some doubts regarding a property, you can even get in touch with actual experts by typing HELP or leaving your phone number for the expert to call you back.

Commenting on this technological innovation Mr Ravi Bhushan, Chief Technology Officer, and makaan, said: “A  conversational paradigm shift is definitely a big trend that is emerging across verticals. Big dollars are being spent by Tech giants (Google, Facebook, Apple, etc) in this direction. This is definitely very relevant to real estate as well. We at makaan are continuously exploring newer and more innovative ways of helping buyers and sellers at various stages of their property purchase/rent journey. With this new feature, finding a home has become as convenient as chatting with a friend on Facebook Messenger. We are excited to be the first one to adopt this unique technology as a powerful new way to engage with our users and to make them our customers.

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About makaan

makaan is an online real estate marketplace committed to providing an assisted home buying experience to its consumers. makaan helps users make wise and profitable decisions regarding buying, selling and renting of properties in India. With superior technological features, credible data and real-time intelligence on property search, makaan is well positioned to serve as the preferred partner for home buyers and sellers. makaan has over 5 lac listings on the platform across 50 major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. makaan is part of Elara Technologies Pte Limited, Singapore which also owns and operates, India’s leading digital real estate marketing and transactions services provider. News Corporation, a global media, book publishing and digital real estate services company, is the key investor in Elara. Elara's other major investors include Saif partners, Accel partners and Horizen Ventures.