~Ideal product for your CTM ritual~

Mumbai, 16 August, 2016- Our skin is exposed to external aggressions almost every day. Pollution, dirt, sun, make up and even harmful toxins tends to increase sebum secretion which makes the skin look oily. Sebum production glues to the dead cells and clogs the pores resulting in acne. La Roche-Posay- Leading French Dermocosmetic brand has now introduced Effaclar Exfoliating Astringent Toner to its existing Effaclar range. The product is ideal for the sensitive skin with high tolerance and safety giving every consumer a complete CTM experience.  


With over 30 years’ research experience La Roche-Posay is recommended by over 25000 dermatologists across the world. La Roche Posay has been instrumental in formulating products for meeting the needs of those with sensitive skin; be it fragile, dry or reactive, chronic acne prone and atopic skin types. Acne is very common skin concern among Indians. However, it is the marks after acne which is a major concern more than acne.  La Roche Posay’s Effaclar is a complete solution for all types of imperfection and blemish-prone skin. Latest from this range is the Effaclar exfoliating astringent toner that is all set to fulfil your need of having a clear and flawless skin.

Every sensitive, oily or acne prone skin requires a CTM ritual (Cleanse, tone, moisturize) to look supple and healthy. Effaclar’s previously launched products - Effaclar Foaming Gel and Effaclar Duo (+) offered an ultimate clean and care skin regime leaving the skin free of clogged pores, impurities and acne marks.  The new Effaclar Astringent toner unclog pores to leave a clarified, soft skin.

Thanks to the combination of Sebum regulating, purifying and micro-exfoliating LHA active ingredients, this toner helps in combating clogged pores and acne. The presence of Glycolic Acid penetrates deep to unclog pores and smoothen the skin texture. In addition to this the inclusion of 0.5% Salicylic Acid helps in reducing remaining mild imperfections. This new product helps to tighten the skin and unclog the pores protecting it from harmful toxins and dirt. Recommended by Dermatologists across the world, Effaclar Astringent Toner can be supplemented with Effaclar Gel (for cleansing impurities and excess sebum) and Effaclar Duo [+] (for correcting anti-imperfections and hydration) forming an ideal CTM ritual for a clear and healthy skin. 

Effaclar Astringent Toner essentially follows cleansing of the skin. As the name suggests, it contains Astringent that tightens the skin, closes the pores and protects it from toxins, dirt and pollution.  EFFACLAR micro-exfoliating astringent lotion instantaneously reduces pore size and fights against blockage, thanks to the combination of sebum-regulating, purifying and micro-exfoliating LHA active ingredients. It also helps the skin’s natural PH balance. 

Effaclar CTM regime:

ü  Cleanse: Foam the hand with little water and Effaclar Gel. Gently massage the face and rinse thoroughly

ü  Tone: Dry the skin. Dampen Cotton wool with lotion. Apply all over the face. Avoid eye area. 

ü  Moisturize: Gently rub Effaclar Duo[+] all over the face. It can be used alone or with a moisturizer.

Price of Effaclar Astringent Toner: Rs. 1190/-


About La Roche Posay

La Roche-Posay is a brand built for and alongside dermatologists in order to offer adjunctive therapy for pathological to very sensitive skin. From the very outset, the brand has focused on sensitive skin, thanks to its formulas containing therapeutic La Roche-Posay thermal spring water.

To date, La Roche-Posay products have been tested on over 415,000 patients from at best with sensitive to pathological skin. Today, empowered by these studies carried out in accordance with pharmaceutical industry standards, the La Roche-Posay team includes over 25,000 prescriptive dermatologists around the world. La Roche-Posay develops cosmetic products, true adjunctive therapies that restore skin's integrity day after day, promoting compliance, providing relief and improving quality of life. La Roche-Posay is built on 3 key foundations viz. Purity, Efficacy and Safety. At the heart of the brand, is a unique thermal spring water used in each and every skincare product produced by the brand.