Impact of GST on Logistics by Mr. Harpreet Singh Malhotra, CMD, Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd.

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Impact of GST on Logistics Industry...
By - Mr. Harpreet Singh Malhotra, MD, Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd.

India 04 August 2016:
“The Good and Services tax Bill is indeed a great step and will be a game changing initiative for Indian trade and logistics sector. The logistics and freight sector which is extremely unorganised right now will benefit a lot through standardized taxation, making country’s manufacturing and warehousing competitive by cutting elevated logistics and services costs. Additionally, in India more than 50 percent of time is consumed in transportation of goods because of different taxes and heterogeneous policies at respective state levels. GST will simplify this process and will bring uniformity in overall taxation and trade policies for Infra and logistics sector. It will open new avenues for the logistics industry. Investment can be planned for long term now.”
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