How to wash jeans

India 29 August 2016: We all love our jeans, but when it comes to washing jeans we just hate it. So how to wash jeans? Here is the answer and some great tips to always keep in mind while washing jeans and denim wear.
How to wash a jeans in a washing machine 

How to wash a jeans in a washing machine

Wash on Gentle or Delicate
If you want your jeans to keep looking new, always remember to wash you pair of denims by keeping your washer settings on gentle or delicate wash. Washing jeans on a delicate or gentle wash cycle reduces the wear and tear of the jeans. 

Wash Only with Cold Water

Avoid washing your jeans or any denim wear in hot water as hot water causes your denims to lose color. Hot water also tends to shrink your jeans.

Wash inside out

Always while washing your jeans,  wash them inside out or else it damages the color and fabric of the jeans. Make sure to read the washing instructions given on the jeans.

Wash Only with Other Denims

One important thing to remember while washing denims is that they tend to release color when washed. If you wash other clothes with denims the indigo from the jeans would dye the other clothes. It's always advisable to wash jeans with only denims. 

Don't Tumble Dry
Tumble drying your jeans or denim wear in a dryer causes them to lose color and shrink. If you choose to tumble dry them make sure the settings are on gentle and low heat. The best way to dry your jeans and denim wear is on a clothes drying rack or a line. Do not hang them directly under sunlight as this too may cause them to fade color.

How to Wash Jeans Without a Washing Machine 

How to Wash Jeans Without a Washing Machine

Washing in a Tub
Washing jeans and other denim wear by hands in a tub is the best way to wash them as when you wash in a machine it gets really rough on the fabric. Same rules apply here of using cold water and washing inside out. Just let them lay in the water for 45 minutes and then rinse them and let them dry.
Only Wash when Need be
According to many designers and jeans experts you only need to wash your jeans a few times a year. Washing jeans every now and then like other clothes causes a lot of wear on them. Wait until the jeans starts to sag in the seat, the knees are stretched or the fabric is creased behind the knees, and the waist is extremely loose. These details mean it might be time to wash your jeans.
Spot Clean Jeans

Instead of washing your jeans for small patches of dirt it's better to spot clean it. To spot clean marks on your jeans by using water and rag to remove the stains. 

Air them Out if they Smell
If your jeans start smelling put them on a line or a clothing rack for minimum 24 hours. Deodorizing fabric spray can also be used on jeans to remove any foul smells.

Freeze your Jeans
An age old trick to increasing the life of your denim and to get rid of the odor is to freeze your jeans. Jeans start smelling because of the bacteria transfered to the material from our body when we wear it. When we freeze our jeans it kills these bacteria and puts out the odor.