How to walk in heels like a grown up, Tips and tricks of heels

India 28 August 2016: Everyone loves wearing heels but the question is are you comfortable walking in them? You know how difficult it is the pain,  blisters and even just simply walking straight in them is a task. So today we gonna share with you a few tips and tricks on how to walk comfortably in heels. 

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Walk heel to toe

The reason why you feel discomfort while walking in heels is many of us put our whole foot down like we walk in flats. This is the biggest mistake we make. To walk gracefully in heels you need to put your heel down first, followed by your toe. This will make your walk look more graceful. This the number one rule when wearing high heels.
Take Small Steps

Avoid taking longer strides as usual while wearing heels, as that may make you lose your balance. Take smaller steps while walking in heels it will help you maintain your posture and not look awkward while walking. 
Don't Rush

When you walk in high heels make sure you don't rush, as you may risk of losing your balance. Also when you rush wearing heels you tend to look awkward. When wearing high heels, the slower you walk, the more confidence you’ll look. 
Slightly Lean Back

When you want to walk fast but you cant as your wearing heels,  your neck tends to crane forward making you look awkward. Leaning back slightly counters this motion of the neck and helps you not look awkward and also helps with maintaining your balance. 
Slightly Arch your Foot

While walking in heels, when your feet tends to slip you should arch your foot slightly to put pressure on the inside of your shoe. This makes your shoe fit closer to your foot, making it easier to move.

Wear Proper Fitting Heels

Always make sure that your shoes fit perfectly. Ill-fitting heels makes it difficult to walk. Your shoes should never be too big or too small. If your heels are too big, using shoe pads should give you a better fit. If they are too small, consider having them stretched to make space for your feet to feel comfortable. 
Walk in a Straight Line

When you wear heels you should aim to walk in a straight line. When you walk wearing heels make sure to look straight and not down at your feet. This helps you to walk straight wearing high heels. 
Get the Right Support

If you are having trouble walking in heels as it gives you pain and blisters,  then make sure you are using good support for your feet while wearing high heels. 

1. WHOLE-SOLE CUSHIONS: A very comfortable insole that's tapered at the front so your toes won't feel crowded.

2. WEIGHT SHIFTERS: weight shifters sits in the breast of the shoe,this helps in shifting weight off the ball of the foot and back onto the heel.

3. TOE GELS: Provides cushioning under the ball of the foot to protect the area where most of your weight is centered.

4. OPEN-TOE STOPPERS: A shorter insole that provides the same shock absorption without being seen through your peep-toes.

5. ARCH SUPPORTS: If your arches are low or need a boost, these supports will help relieve pressure on the balls of your feet.

6. HEEL PADS: Liners that help keep feet from slipping around inside shoes.
Soothe and Repair your Feet

Always after wearing heels take time to pamper your feet as they really need it. Refresh your tired feet with a tingly foot treatment. Use a foot massage ball to stimulate blood flow to help your feet recover from a day in high heels. Wear gel padded socks to lessen the strain on your feet. Use callus stone to remove rough spots and calluses from your feet. 
Look For Sturdy Soles

Very important while choosing heels make sure you buy heels which have a sturdy sole and a comfortable foot bed. As thin soles put more pressure on your leg which is already having enough pressure because of the posture of your foot when you wear heels.