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India 31 August 2016: 

EK Duje ke Vaaste (Sony TV) 

EK Duje ke Vaaste (Sony TV)

This is a story about Suman a beautiful girl who has lost her parents at a very young age and has been raised by her grandparents, uncles and aunties. She is a strong and independent girl who runs a catering business under the name (PCT) to support her family. The story also revolves around her childhood friend Shravan Malhotra, who has a soft corner for her. Shravan and Suman are separated as he goes to study law in London after his parents are divorced. Shravan returns back and Suman is all excited to meet her long lost friend. The story revolves around their beautiful bond of friendship, their love-hate relationship,separation,their families and shravan’s father not wanting Suman and Shravan to be together. 

The Current track experienced a wedding ceremony (Love Marriage) between Suman’s Cousin Sister Preeti and Shravan’s Cousin brother Pushkar, also there was a new entry (Aditya) who developed a liking for Suman and is keen on marrying her. This developed a love triangle between the three and also created a rift between Shravan and Suman. 

The future track is said to revolve around Suman’s marriage preparation’s as her Nanaji is not keeping too well and wants to see her well settled before he dies.

The show is doing really well and the audiences are loving the lead pair Shravan played by (Namik Paul) and Suman (Sumo) played by (Nikita Dutta). They recently completed 100 episodes and now have completed 6 months too.

The Audiences are going to experience a lot of drama in the upcoming tracks and everyone is looking forward to it. We wish the team of  EK Duje ke Vaaste all the best and hope for our beautiful couple to be united once again so “Mil Jaane de Dil Jo Bane Ek Duje ke Vaaste”.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door (Star Plus)

Jaana Na Dil Se Door (Star Plus)

 This is a story of Vividha played by (Shivani Surve) and Atharv played by (Vikram Singh Chauhan) who are raised in very different environments but when they meet , how they complete each other and change each other’s world forever. Vividha is a girl who is very family oriented and her father Kailash is her hero who she trusts blindly. Kailash on the other hand is a tough man who has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life and has come up the hard way. He has a certain set of belief’s and according to him relationships are only possible between people who are equal in social status. Atharv is not the kind of guy Kailash wants for his daughter and though it is not a love at first sight thing for Vitharv (Vividha+Atharv).Vividha eventually ends up falling in love with Atharv because he is very encouraging, caring and full of positivity. Atharv too falls in love with Vividha despite their differences. They constantly face a lot of hurdles in their relationship but their love for each other helps them overcome all their difficulties. 

This story beautifully portrays relationships and conveys very important messages. It is a must watch. The show has recently completed 100 episodes.

A beautiful story line, amazing dialogues and great actors. This show very beautifully portrays how love empowers one to overcome all obstacle sand is currently gaining a lot of popularity.

Recently the show had some beautiful Romantic Moments. “Jaana Na Dil se Door” is a beautiful romantic journey one would love to experience. 

The Lead Atharv (VikramSingh Chauhan) is an absolute Charmer and his Lady Love Vividha (Shivani Surve) very adorable. The Audiences are loving this Adorable Jodi and looking forward to the upcoming track.

Highlights of the show have been the Atharv - Sujata relationship (Mother -Son relationship),Vitharv Jodi (Atharv & Vividha Love Story), the Father- Son face -off (Atharv and Ramakant),  Kailash - Vividha relationship (Father-Daughter relationship), Husband- Wife relationship (Uma & Kailash, Sujata & Ramakant).

Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi (Sony TV)

Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi (Sony TV)

This show revolves around Dev, a successful business tycoon who loses his father at a very young age and has been raised by his mother Ishwari, along with his three sisters. He lives with his Mother, three sister’s uncle, aunty and their son. He is extremly devoted to his mother and has seen her struggle to raise them up. On the Other hand, Dr Sonakshi Bose, is from a middle class Bengali family and has been appointed as Ishwari’s Nutritionist by Dev. Initially, both Dev and Ishwari are indifferent towards Sonakski, but gradually they form a bond with her. The story slowly progresses with Sonakshi and Dev developing a liking for each other and getting into a relationship without informing thier families. Later, Ishwari finds out about their relationship and is very upset.She accepts their relationship but is not very happy and succumbs to depression.She takes an overdose of sleeping pills and as a result gets hospitalised. Dev senses his mother’s unhappiness behind their relationship and decides to break up with Sonakshi. Both of them are extremely heart broken and suffer privately.They decide to move on.

The show has recently experienced a new entry Ritwik (A Doctor by profession) who is all set to marry Sonakshi. The Upcoming track has a lot in store for it’s viewers and everyone is eager to know if Dev will be able to get his love back in his life.

The shows leading pair Dev Dixit played by (Shaheer Sheikh) and Dr Sonakshi Bose played by (Erica Fernandes) is very much loved by it’s audiences and has gained a lot of popularity too. The show recently completed 6 months and over 100 episodes too. The serial has received a lot of praises.

The Audience are loving the show and eagerly waiting to see Dev and Sonakshi’s reunion. We too hope for the same. We have had beautiful Dev and Sonakshi Moments in the show . To highlight a few Dev’s Proposal scene, The Rain Dance, Dev’s sister’s Sangeet moments etc.

Ishqbaaz (Star Plus)

Ishqbaaz (Star Plus)

This is the story of a rich business family called the “Oberoi Family”. The family consists of two brothers (Tej and Shakti), their wives (Janvi and Pinky)their children (Omkara, Rudra, Shivaay & Priyanka) and their grandmother. The story revolves around the members of this family. Shivaay is the eldest and only son of Shakti and Pinky and is the face of Oberoi Family. Shivaay is arrogant, snobish and judges people on the basis of their social status. He does not believe in love but is engaged to a girl named Tia. On the other hand Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka are Tej and Janvi’s children. Omkara is a a sculptor and a self made billionarie who hates his father. Rudra is a flirtatious guy who is a fitness freak and loves partying and women. Priyanka, their sister is sweet, kind and simple.

Both Tej and Pinky want their respective sons to inherit the business and hence keep fighting each other. But even after everything the three cousins share a very strong bond with each other and love their grandmother and priyanka a lot.

Shivaay, played by (Nakul Mehta) is always engaged in catfights with Anika (Surbhi Chandna), a middle class girl who runs a catering business to support her and her adopted brother Sahil. Anika, also happens to be the wedding planner for Shivaay’s wedding.

Omkara, played by (Kunal Jaisingh) is in a relationship with Riddhima. But there is a new girl who has entered Omkara’s life. Her name is Ishaana played by (Vrushika Mehta) and she is after his money. She tries to break Omkara and Riddhima’s relationship but fails to do so. 

Rudra played by (Leenesh Matto) is not in any relationship.He has quite a few affairs which does not last for long. Soumya played by (Neha Lakshmi Iyer) is the girl in his life. She has a soft corner for Rudra. Soumya has come to live in the Oberoi Mansion for a short period as she is the granddaughter of a friend of Rudra’s grandmother.

The show has become immensely popular because of the three Cousin brothers (Omkara ,Shivvay and Rudra) and their respective Jodi’s.

Shivaay - Anika
Rudra - Soumya.

The Audience are looking forward to some romance between these jodi’s and are keen on seeing a love track in the future episodes. We too look forward to the same.

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