Baby born mid-air, now stable and healthy

The team at Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills goes above and beyond the call of duty and manages a successful recovery of preterm baby

Hyderabad 18th August, 2016 :- Mrs. Annie (name changed on request), 32 years of age and eight months pregnant was on board the Cebu Pacific Air flight and traveling to Manila with her mother from Dubai on 14th August, 2016. While the baby was not due until two months later, she went into a labor on board the airline on Sunday. Mrs. Annie gave birth to a premature but healthy baby girl mid-flight and the plane’s crew had to make an impromptu landing at Hyderabad. The airport team of Apollo Medical Centre, simultaneously, placed an emergency call to NICU, Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad about the imminent landing. A transport team with a fully trained team of doctors and nurses specialized in critical care of newborns immediately reached the airport to receive the preemie baby. 

Baby born mid-air, now stable and healthy

The tiny baby girl was completely blue and cold and had severe breathing difficulty when the specialized transport team first received her at the airport. 

Speaking about the condition of the baby, Dr. CVS Lakshmi, Chief Neonatologist, Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills, said,  “Baby was estimated to be 32 weeks of gestation and weighed a mere 1.6 Kg when born. In the NICU, baby was rapidly rewarmed, connected to mechanical ventilation and given medications, which started to improve her blood pressure. Our emergency team played a crucial role in stabilizing the baby en-route. They secured baby’s airway and started artificial respirations, gave her medications to improve her circulation and transported her in an ambulance with a transport Incubator and Ventilator. The baby is now healthy, all the follow-up evaluations have been normal and mother is being trained for breastfeeding.”Speaking about the condition of the mother, Dr. Prameela Sekhar, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology, Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills, said ‘mother had high temperature, Paraurethral Tear and retained products of conception when she was admitted. A team of gynaecologist, anaesthesiologist and radiologist ensure that she too had a quick recovery from the complications post the unexpected delivery. She has been clinically discharged’.

Speaking about the case, Dr. Sunil Kumar, Center Head, Apollo Cradle, Jubilee Hills, said “At present, the baby is stable and the mother is being trained in feeding and taking care of the baby as babies born pre-term require specialized care. The child is still recuperating in the hospital and will be discharged once the baby gains weight and mother is comfortable in handling the baby.”

At Apollo Cradle, the technology is abreast with the times, to provide the best possible care to the expectant mothers and babies. Cutting edge technology, with level 3 NICU has made diagnosis and treatment more effective. This technology coupled with the presence of mind of the nurses and staff, the empathy, 24 hour care and monitoring by all the doctors at Apollo Cradle acted as a strong backbone in this case. The varied services at Apollo Cradle and the availability of specialists round the clock were also the reasons for increasing the chances of this baby’s survival and ensuring it leads a normal life.

About Apollo Cradle

Apollo Cradle is a women and child destination focusing on gynaecology, fertility, maternity and antenatal care. Apollo Cradle is driven by the aim to provide the highest standards of care for every patient, every mother, every baby and every child. The Apollo Group’s legacy amassed over 30 years of clinical excellence runs through everything at Apollo Cradle. The strong belief in ‘the better the care, the safer the patients’ has stood the hospital in good stead over the years. And the facts speak for themselves - the one year and five year safety records are exemplary to say the least.

Apollo’s legacy of excellence, Apollo Cradle attracts the crème de la crème of consultants. The surgical and nursing teams are among the most experienced in the Country. The hospital’s staffing levels are higher than can be found elsewhere and the experience and seniority of the specialist nursing teams are second to none.

The state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and facilities follow international protocols of safety and efficiency. For those occasions when a newborn baby needs specialist care, there is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). A Maternal ICU is in place for patients who need to be monitored very closely.

The low rate of complications at Apollo Cradle can easily be attributed to the insistence on every expectant mother undergoing a thorough pre-assessment and pre-delivery check. The culture of safety runs soul-deep in ApolloCradle.