Apollo eDoc – Your Credible Online Appointment Portal for Easy Access to Good Health!

Bangalore, 09 August 2016: Apollo eDoc had launched a leading and credible online appointment web portal that combines the best specialists and equipment’s to provide you nothing short of the best in healthcare. From finding the right doctors to getting personalized health checks, from consulting a doctor anytime, anywhere to booking appointments online, Apollo eDoc offers everything on one platform. The idea of eDoc struck the mind of Ms. Sangita Reddy, MD at Apollo Hospitals when she saw that while there are countless online doctor appointment portals, none is an exclusive hospital owned facility. She said, “On the Apollo eDoc platform, all listed doctors hail from the family of Apollo Group of Hospitals. So, when it comes to dependability, you can stay rest assured that you are in very safe hands of extremely well experienced, highly skilled and exceedingly knowledgeable doctors.”

Apollo eDoc – Your Credible Online Appointment Portal for Easy Access to Good Health!

The website interface is user-friendly, easily navigable and well equipped with a plethora of information that a patient may require to make an informed decision about his health. Doctor’s individual profiles, including educational and professional experience are updated also on the website for added convenience. Presently, over 7,480 doctor profiles are active on the eDoc website which has witnessed close to 10 lakh patients booking appointments through the portal. An added contribution to eDoc’s success is its uncanny resemblance to Cyberspace, a credible health care platform which does not cater to third party health professionals like many of its competitors do.

Apollo with its nationwide network of 76 world class hospitals and 108 specialty clinics has made it possible for anyone to have access to the best medical care available. You need not worry about long queues, lengthy waiting periods and the additional anxiety that comes along while visiting a doctor. Not only do you have the option to search for doctors by name and specialty, you can also look for them specific to your exact location.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-fuelled world, this platform is a unique online appointment system introduced by Apollo and the most convenient way to achieve a doctor's confirmed appointment across a multitude of specialties from any part of the world, any time. Here’s more, apart from doctor appointments, you can also book medical check-ups, request a home-care appointment or book an online consultation with an Apollo doctor. In all essence, Apollo eDoc provides a platform facilitating 360 degree of health care services – via telephonic, virtual and email consultations to patients.

“Apollo eDoc is entirely managed and owned by the medical teams at Apollo Hospitals and is a platform which represents only those doctors who are a part of the Apollo family. Since the medical staff are sincerely involved in the eDoc processes, doctor credentials, their expertise and all other information is absolutely authentic and verifiable. Through the eDoc platform it thereby becomes easy for patients to get a holistic view of a particular doctor, his practice including his super specialty and experience level which makes it easy for them to make comparisons between doctors in the same field and then makes a final decision as to their consultation”, said Ms. Sangita Reddy, MD Apollo Hospitals and EDOC concept originator.

With Apollo’s proven excellence in health care and unmatched standing in the market, eDoc is an extension of the facilities that Apollo provides for its patients across the country.

About Apollo Hospitals:

Dr. Prathap C Reddy opened the doors of the first Apollo Hospital to the world in 1983 and heralded the private healthcare revolution in India. It was built with a mission to bring world-class healthcare to India at a price that Indians could afford.

Today, after over 3 decades, the Apollo Hospitals Group has touched the lives of over 45 million patients from 121 countries. It has emerged as a renowned and trusted integrated healthcare provider in Asia, specializing in consultancy, clinics, pharmacy, insurance, wellness and holistic therapy. Apollo Hospitals’ focus has always been about bringing world-class healthcare at a fraction of the western world’s cost. To this end, Apollo Hospitals has forged a wealth of social initiatives as well.

For more details: www.apolloedoc.co.in