GSK Consumer Healthcare forays into the advanced nutrition segment

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Help your child catch-up on lost growth^ with Horlicks Growth

June 3 2016,  17.22 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Horlicks Growth+ is clinically proven to help children (3-9 years) catch up on lost growth^
New Delhi, June 03, 2016:  GSK Consumer Healthcare has extended Horlicks, India’s leading Health Food Drink (HFD) into the advanced nutrition category with the launch of Horlicks Growth+. Horlicks Growth+ is a break through nutrition formula designed by international pediatric experts and contains high quality protein with added nutrients that have been identified and known to support catch up growth in children with lost growth.

GSK Consumer Healthcare forays into the advanced nutrition segment

The design story • The triangle based bespoke jar structure uses its 3 distinct sides to provide a primary brand face that talks to the shopper • The secondary instructional face explains the benefits of the product to help the shop assistant recommend the product to shoppers • The third face holds the mandatory content including the recommended usage and consumption, benefits of the product, ingredients-the importance of whey protein and the nutrient value

• Horlicks Growth+ has been formulated by Prof. Phillip Moshe and Prof. Raanan Shamir, globally renowned names championing the field of pediatric nutrition • The product has been localized to be more palatable to Indian taste buds through intensive work at GSK’s R&D center in Gurgaon • Contains high quality whey protein, growth amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients • Horlicks Growth+ is clinically proven for catch up on weight and height in short and lean children aged 3-9 years

Through a study conducted** on children, the product has been clinically proven to show visible growth in 6 months. The product is targeted towards 3-9 year old children who are short or lean [less weight] for their age#. Horlicks Growth+ contains high quality whey protein, amino acids vitamins and minerals in a delicious formulation that is loved by children.

GSK Consumer Healthcare has been committed to up the ante in the HFD category. Following the successful launch of the improved Horlicks with 2X Immuno Nutrients, the company is launching Horlicks Growth+ on e-commerce platforms along with a roll-out in pharmacy channels and subsequently in modern trade outlets. The product has a unique, vibrant and appealing look to it. With bright colors, differentiated pack design and shape, Horlicks Growth+ will undoubtedly catch the shopper’s attention.

 Commenting on the new launch, Prashant Pandey, Head of Marketing for Nutritional & Digestive Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare said, “Horlicks Growth+ is a breakthrough product that is a result of extensive scientific research by experts. For mothers, who are anxious that their child is shorter or thinner for their age and have lost on growth, this clinically proven product addresses their worries by offering the child with the needed nutrition. The launch of Growth+ is in line with our core philosophy of bringing the best in class products that are backed by high-science”

Increase in a child’s height and weight should be in line with established standards/norms.  Globally and in India, the most frequent causes for a child deviating from growth curve are inadequate diets, protein-energy deficiency, repeated infections and nutrient inadequacy. When nutritious balanced food is replenished, catch-up growth usually occurs.

Horlicks Growth+ is available at top pharmacy channels and leading e-commerce websites. The launch will be supported by 360 degree activation including a television commercial, on-ground and digital outreach programmes.


^ With 96 grams a day for 6 months vs an unfortified beverage. Clinically proven to help pre-pubertal children [boys (3-9 yrs) & girls (3-8 yrs)] who are lagging behind in growth (height & weight) by shifting up their growth curve in 6 months. Will be beneficial only when there is good compliance to consumption. It is a nourishing beverage to be taken as a part of balanced diet.

* Advanced nutrition refers to nutritional properties of this product making it a good choice for growth and development. Experts refers to the investigators who conducted and reviewed the clinical study

** Lebenthal Y, Yackobovitch-Gavan M, Lazar L et al. Effect of a nutritional supplement on growth in short and lean prepubertal children: A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. J Pediatr. 2014; 165:1190-3 (

# Protein and amino acid requirements in human nutrition. Report of a Joint WHO/FAO/UNU Expert Consultation, 2007. WHO Technical Report Series 935; 185-193.

##“Visible growth” refers to an increase in the visible components of growth i.e. height and weight. Unlike other growth measures (like increase in bone, muscle, blood etc which happen at the biochemical / clinical / sub clinical levels internally in the body), these two measures of height and weight are externally / outwardly expressed and measured. Hence, the use of term visible growth.

About GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd 

GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd is the category leader in Indian health food drinks industry. Our flagship product Horlicks leads the market, while Boost is among the top three health food drink brands that India prefers. Our manufacturing plants are located in Nabha, Rajahmundry and Sonepat. In India we have an engaged workforce of over 4700 employees. GSK also markets and distributes a range of everyday health products such as Eno, Crocin, Iodex and Sensodyne. Our marketing and distribution network comprises over 700 distributors and a direct coverage of over 8 lakh retail outlets.

GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd is an associate of GlaxoSmithKline plc.of U.K, one of world’s largest consumer healthcare companies. We have a heritage that goes back over 160 years. Our purpose is to help more people around the world to do more, feel better and live longer with everyday healthcare products.  Our goal is to build a global, growing business - we call a Fast Moving Consumer Healthcare (FMCH) company - dedicated to everyday healthcare with all of the scientific expertise and quality guarantees that demands, working at the speed and with the genuine consumer understanding the modern world expects.

GSK Consumer Healthcare globally owns some of the world’s best loved healthcare brands, successful in over 100 countries. These include Sensodyne, Voltaren, Theraflu, Paradontax,  Panadol, Polident, Otrivin, Horlicks and Physiogel.

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