Redjackwedding Interview

World's 1st exclusive Wedding Photography company for sleek and sophisticated photography and cinematography solutions.Red jack wedding is a wedding

May 03 2016,  16.01 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

photography and wedding film-making company with a dedicated team of professional photographers, who expertise in different sections of wedding photography. Red jack with a handsome experience in the industry has earned a niche for itself in all the geographical areas of the country.
Redjackwedding Interview

Redjackwedding Interview

Lets talk with karan founder & CEO of Redjack Wedding:

1)What made u choose this approach to the video?
This approach was chosen because in today's world . People dnt have time for serious shit . They want to get entertain first than may be you can add something serious or educate them with few inspiring lines or showing them practically as we have done it in our video

2)Have u faced a real situation as in video?
 Its happens most of the time. But the most shocking and surprising experience happens to be  with upper middle class and well educated families .Its pitty that still majority of the photographer in our country are treated like secondary in weddings . They can spend a lot on there money on decor, food , jewellery etc..but they don't like to spend on photographer at all but still they need awesome picture. For example we tent to spend a lot of time in weddings but after few days the only thing left in our mind about the wedding in nothing except the name of the bride and the groom. So only one way we can recover our memory is by watching photograph or video.

3)What are other challenges photographers face?
well we arldy have covered most of the challenges faced by the photographer in this video. But still if we think more about it and this is not only for photographer its for any creativity. Its takes a lot to be an artists. And all artist things from there heart. Because art have a home in the he(art). Just treat them well give them space to work most important trust them and you will see the diff.

4)Will you make this a video series?
well we never thought of it. But  seeing the good response of and everybody is liking the video . we might re thing about it. If this can really bring some change in our mentally why not ...

5)How redjackwedding is diff from other wedding photography?
First of all we are not few photographer who assembled together to make money through wedding photography . We are a online celebration photography company providing mass customized and e commerce solution to professional photographer .we have a team of more than 500 photographer pan India working with us. The idea is to create a one online roof where clients and photographer are treated equally. .

6)What are your company future plans?
 We have a vision which we are    executing everyday. Just want to spread good work and become more trust worthy company. Future plans are pipeline and our team are wrking on it. And entertaining will be our key factor to educate people.

7)At today's time every start up is been funded or wanted to be funded . so do you have a similar views on that ?
 Every start up have a limitation when it comes to fund themselves. So do we . we are a small company but with a big vision .so any Angel investors are welcomed if they like our ideas. But they have to be cooperative that's why they are called "ANGEL