Red FM introduces an initiative to curb wastage of water in Mumbai


May 02,  22.12 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Will urge people to save water and increase awareness of water conservation 
Will highlight stories of real heroes of water conservation on-air 

Red FM introduces an initiative to curb wastage of water in Mumbai

Mumbai, 2 May 2016: The water crises in Maharashtra is soon hitting an emergency situation and a large number of villages are under drought situation. This has had innumerable effects on the functioning of normal life, with no potable water to drink, no water to irrigate fields, and further precipitating farmer crisis. While everyone is doing what they can to help the situation in Maharashtra, Red FM has undertaken an interestingly initiative that is centered on the key aspects of the water crisis – awareness and conservation. In true Bajaate Raho style, RED FM India’s most awarded radio station introduces new initiative, WATER BACHEGA TOH SAB MEIN BATEGA! with an aim to create awareness and urge people to save and conserve water in everyday life. 

The initiative will be led by various activities which will translate into efficient utilization of water. “AAJ KA DIN WATER KE BIN” one of the new trend on water conservation would be a Red FM RJs will throw a challenge to their co-radio jockeys and listeners to spend an entire day without taking bath. Taking the whole idea of water conservation the station will be inviting experts from the respective field who will be talking about the current situation of water and will also share some important tips and thoughts to utilise water in an appropriate way and its importance. There will be interesting yet impactful listener engagement activities like the virtual radio bath, Wise bucket challenge and most interestingly Red FM will nominate people who are wasting water and will crown them as Jal-laads to restrict such activities from happening.

Speaking on the occasion, Nisha Narayanan, COO, 93.5 Red FM said, “We at Red FM have always been cognizant of relevant issues and problems that plague citizens. For us, the best way to try and bring resolution or garner momentum and support around any issue, is to engage with our listeners and mobilize the masses. The water issue in Maharashtra has reached near crisis state now, and Red FM’s WATER BACHEGA TOH SAB MEIN BATEGA is a simple and impactful initiative to create awareness for water conservation and also marshal our listeners to be more sensitive to the issue. Our RJs at the station are very enthused about driving this initiative for a great cause”

Water Bachega toh Sab Mein Batega will be spread across 10 days by engaging with the RJs through the morning and evening shows. As part of the initiative Red FM will measure the statistics of water consumption in the city each day and relay it to listeners. As part of its initiative to address the issue, Red FM will be connecting with the listeners on a daily basis to update them about the city’s water consumption, hear true stories from citizens and the contributions that have they made towards the cause of conserving water, among others. People like Nana Patekars and Akshay Kumar recently offered help for the cause, many corporates and genuinely concerned people of the society are making the difference with their efforts. Red FM will felicitate these real heroes of the society who have made a remarkable contribution on humanitarian grounds to curb the pain of those in trouble because of drought.

If you have really cool and quirky ways to save water; such as not having a bath for three days, wearing the same pair of unwashed jeans for five days, or any other, do call into the morning show on Red FM with Malishka. She will be sure to award you for your brilliance. 

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