Application procedure for admission abroad

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Application Document For Study Abroad", behalf of Mr Mr. Rohan Ganeriwala, Co founder, Collegify, a college consultant firm for study abroad

This is an overview about the application process and what is the full process all about. As discussed you could use point from here or pitch a new story with this.

Application procedure for admission abroad

Preparation of a strong application is crucial for getting selected into a good college. It is an elaborate and complex process and therefore, most students have limited and/or incomplete understanding of what it entails: choosing the right college, filling out forms, choosing the right program, work experience requirement, community service involvement, and of course, writing the college admission essay. Students often take the application process lightly and miss deadlines, fail to prepare sufficiently and effectively for standardized tests, and scribble off an incoherent application essay and by doing so, throw away the life changing opportunity of an international college experience.

Application procedure for admission abroad

To put together a flawless college application, one must follow a structured process. At Collegify, we provide professional advice and services that ensures that the student is able to prepare that ‘perfect’ application, by:

Emphasizing that 30% of your chance of getting into a good college/dream college, depends on your university application.
Making the extra effort to ensure that your application is organized and that the minutest details are taken care of.
Helping you shortlist from the possible colleges and university choices.
Clarifying misconceptions.
Helping you decide the various options for your majors, and minors, and make sure you choose subject that match your aptitude.
The Application Procedure
At the oust it is important to narrow down on the colleges that interests you and decide on prospective majors and degrees. Ideally, apply to between five to eight colleges. This will ensure a higher probability of admission/acceptance. The cost of application can vary from $30 to $100. While some colleges do not charge at all, the average application fee is $50.

When you find a college that you like, consider applying early. This allows you to have everything in place well in advance. Early decision and action allows one to apply early (usually in November) and get an admissions decision from the college well in advance.  Of upmost importance is to get all application materials/requirements in place, which includes, but may not be limited to:

Application forms for each college. The Common Application form is also an application procedure that numerous colleges subscribe to.
High School Transcripts.
Letters of recommendation from teachers and school counselors.
SAT-I scores, which most colleges require as a common standard for measuring a student's ability to do college-level work. SAT-2,Depends on the university's one is applying t
Essays and/or Statement of Purpose. This can be the deciding factor for acceptance/admission. These offer you an opportunity to express your uniqueness.
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Scores, which most colleges require of an international applicant

Statement of purpose -
According to a recent study, while grades, admission tests, and class rank remain important factors in the college admission decision, a majority of colleges and universities consider Essays and Statement of Purpose to be a key factor in determining which academically qualified students they would choose. In other words, when all else is equal between competing applicants, compelling Essays and/or Statement of Purpose can make the difference. Powerful, well-written essays can tip the balance for a marginal applicant and college admission officers look to the essay for evidence that a student can write well and support ideas with logical arguments. They also want gauge the personality and leadership potential of a student.  

What we offer:
•         Selection of Essay topics for application to different colleges.
•         Sample Essays on various subjects to help you understand topics.
•         Brainstorming and guidance, at all stages of the essay writing process.
•         Correcting grammatical, spelling and stylistic errors.
•         Proofreading and editing essays before finalizing/submitting.


All colleges require recommendation letters. Some specify the recommenders, such as teachers, employers, or personal acquaintances; while others simply indicate the number of recommendations required. Selection committees want to know as much as possible about you through your referee’s appraisal, such as what they think about you and your academic potential.
At Collegify, we provide the ideal format for recommendation letters that meets the requirements of colleges, so that the recommendation letters covers all the important topics and has the necessary details.

Transcripts are records of a student’s academic performance in High School, such as Class Results and Board (National) Examination Results. AtRoads, all the necessary steps to prepare/request Transcripts are explained and the process is closely monitored to prevent errors.
Note: If the application is not prepared carefully, that is without procedural and other errors (which is where our assistance makes all the difference), immediate rejection can take place from the colleges, even if the student is academically strong