5 Tips to loose weight the healthy way this summer

As summer is here and every one is trying to lose those extra pounds of weight, just so they can flaunt of their beach bodies. There are plenty of diet plans and exercises available on the internet to quickly lose weight which people reach out to. But most of these ways are unhealthy. Pocketnewsalert.com tells you a few lifestyle changes which will help you lose weight this summer the healthy way

5 Tips to loose weight the healthy way this summer

Get at least 7 hours of sleep

Yes, sleep well if you need to lose those extra pounds of weight. Lack of sleep causes over production of ghrelin hormone produced in our stomach which stimulates the urge to eat. As there is an increase in the production of ghrelin causes an increased craving for non complex carbohydrates, which leads to a rise in glucose followed by surges in insulin. This results in an increased fat storage in our body.

Chew your food slowly

Chewing your food slowly helps you achieve satiety faster. Chewing your food slowly will make you feel as though your stomach is full sooner and therefore you consume lesser calories

Count your calories

Count your calories as you burn them while exercising, it will keep you motivated to keep exercising. There are many fitness apps available which can be downloaded to track your calories.

Eat healthy protein rich foods

You need to consume a lot of proteins as our body takes a lot more time to break down proteins than carbs, So consuming more healthy proteins keeps you full for a longer time.

Say no to Soda

To make sure your weight loss goals are on track you need to put a stop on the soda. As these sodas contain huge amounts of sugar which add a lot of calories.