Su-Kam launches ‘Made in India’ lithium ion battery based solar streetlight ‘Sunway’

April 27 2016,  18.11 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

* Inbuilt Lithium Ion battery for theft prevention
* UL certified

Chennai, 27 April 2016: Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd., India’s leading power back up solutions provider, today announced the launch of ‘Sunway Platform’- one of the most advanced solar streetlight in the Indian market. It is powered by an inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery which not only prevents theft but reduces wire losses to provide efficient charging even on cloudy days.

 Su-Kam launches ‘Made in India’ lithium ion battery based solar streetlight ‘Sunway’

Sunway, compared to grid streetlights, eliminates the need for expensive cabling, keeps providing light even during a blackout while giving a ZERO power bill. The solar streetlight industry has been suffering due to the inefficient lead acid technology based streetlight solutions. For the first time Sunway, entirely ‘Made in India,’ will provide a foolproof solution. Sunway comes in 6 models: in 4W, 9W, 15W, 30W, 40W & 50W to address almost all the outdoor applications.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. KunwerSachdev, MD, Su-Kam said, “I think all the street lights in India should be solar-powered. India is blessed with good weather and abundant sunshine. But we realized that traditional solar street lights were inefficient, required high maintenance and were prone to battery thefts. With this thought we came up with Sunway -A solar street light which has built-in lithium-ion battery. It is a great product which is most suited to Indian conditions. Used for various applications including factories, campus, farmhouses, remote areas, villages and street”.

“A truly knowledge driven company, with innovation at its heart, Su-Kam’s Sunway will set the path for further exciting technologies which will change the landscape of outdoor lighting in the coming years.” he added.

Few features that make Sunway the most innovative Streetlight solution in India:

Inbuilt Lithium Ion battery: An inbuilt solution not only prevents theft but simplifies installation and eliminates expensive battery boxes. It also allows wall mounting and is much more reliable than lead acid batteries for outdoor applications.

Self Autonomy: An inbuilt charge controller and battery management system reduces the idle current to <10 micoramps and efficiently charges the battery even on cloudy days. This provides a unique self autonomy feature without having to oversize batteries and solar panels.
Automatic Dimming: The inbuilt driver provides automatic dimming to meet the lighting demands of our customers

Automatic Dusk to Dawn: The inbuilt charge controller provides automatic dusk to dawn and eliminates the need for any manual operation

Battery Management System: Sunway has an inbuilt battery management system designed to provide cell balancing and enhancing battery life.

Fast Charging: The unique ability of lithium ion to accept fast charging combined with the solar panel size enables charging in 4 to 6 hours depending on the model

Motion Sensor: Our high wattage (30/40/50W) models have a motion sensor inbuilt whereby any activity around the light post dawn leads to light levels increasing. In case of no activity low illumination levels continue throughout the night.

Su-Kam’s everlasting spirit and drive to bring about continuous innovations in technology and quality products has paved the path for changing the face of the power back up and the solar industry. With focus on innovation Su-Kam is now gearing to bring a big impact on the outdoor lighting segment.