Twitter Trend indicates huge concern of security amongst Indians

April 30,  12.58 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Mumbai, 29 April, 2016: Among many other trending topics, security has been one such thing that has been majorly discussed among several people from different parts of the nation; reveals a Twitter trend. #SafeWithZiman, a unique campaign by Zicom-Electronic Security Systems Ltd, pioneers of Electronic Security was followed by 45.1 million potential users on Twitter across India.


The campaign showcased how 'ZIMAN’, a mobile safety app can facilitate safety to citizens across different age groups through its quick response services. The campaign received an overwhelming response from twitter users which showed immense curiosity to know more about their safety options. The trend was drastically followed by users on Twitter which showed that the people are looking out for more ways to safeguard their living.

Responding to the outcome that the campaign received, Pramoud Rao, Managing Director, Zicom - Electronic Security Systems Ltd said, “We are happy with the way people have responded to our initiative and our aim remains much more focused now to give the best security facility to the users. Even though there are several other mobile security applications in the market, Ziman’s unique features have hit the right chord among the users.”

A lot of people understood the aim of the campaign and also showed concern over security, while many found it too useful and also recommended to their family and loved ones. The campaign, in a few minutes became the talk of the day as it was seen in the list of trending hashtags and also got an ample amount of followers and people talking about it.

The Ziman mobile application is very much user friendly. It is structured in order to fulfill the security needs of every individual. This application discretely alerts Zicom’s centralized command center about a danger that the user faces, after which either the user or the emergency contact number saved in the app gets a call in less than 10 seconds. The expert team handling such situations, triggers an automated program by collecting images, videos and audio recording, which helps identify the intensity of the threat and accordingly, the message along with the received media data and location is sent to the law enforcement authorities in close vicinity.

The 24*7 Ziman command centre tops the list of feature that comes with this application for its quick response and assistance.