GSK one of the first multi-national employers to offer a global preventive health programme for its employees

- GSK employees and their family members will have access to a range of 40 preventive healthcare services
- 20000 employee of GSK Consumer Healthcare & their dependents will benefit from this programme

 April 7 2016,  11.10 AM IST || Pocket News Alert

In line with GSK’s mission to help people do more, feel better and live longer, it continues to focus on the health & wellbeing of its employees. As part of that focus, GSK has launched a new industry-leading worldwide preventive healthcare programme- Partnership for Prevention (P4P) to provide employees and their family members with preventive healthcare services at no cost. P4P aims to ensure that employees across GSK have access to a preventive healthcare package, regardless of their location, job role, or pay grade. GSK is one of the first multi-national employers to create and implement a comprehensive preventive healthcare programme across all its locations.

Preventive healthcare measures are critical at any stage of life taking many forms – from screenings which expose illness in its early stages, to child as well as adult vaccinations that can stop diseases from developing at all. The forty P4P services that GSK has on offer have all been chosen because they demonstrate high value in preventing ill health, or detecting disease, and are aligned to the World Health Organisation’s recommendations. They include a range of adult and child vaccines for preventable illnesses such as hepatitis and tuberculosis, prenatal healthcare for women, cancer screenings and smoking cessation treatment. In India GSK has partnered Vipul MedCare to deliver the P4P program, which will provide the services through a network of over 1500 hospitals and diagnostic centers across 400 locations in the country.

Manoj Kumar, Managing Director, GSK Consumer Healthcare Limited said: “We are deeply committed to supporting the health and well-being of not just our consumers but also our employees and their families.  Partnership for Prevention programme is a first of its kind initiative that aims to maintain a healthy, highly motivated, engaged and resilient workforce and will touch lives of 12,000 people, including employees and their dependents. Every employee, from a sales representative to a factory worker will have access to this programme. We are confident that all employees will benefits from this programme, enabling us to be a healthy and happy organisation

A Vaidheesh, Managing Director, GSK Pharmaceuticals Ltd. said: “As a global healthcare company, we are committed to health and wellbeing of our employees and families. We recognise that prevention is better than treatment and P4P is our major investment in this direction. This reinforces our ongoing efforts to maintain a highly motivated, engaged and resilient workforce. Healthier and happier employees will enable a better focus on the patients we serve.”

Preventive measures are an increasingly important healthcare intervention for employees across all geographies, given the global rise in chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

GSK recognises that this programme is currently of greatest need for its employees working in countries where publicly funded preventive healthcare services may be unavailable or limited. Implementation has therefore being prioritised in these countries, starting with those best able to implement the programme efficiently alongside ongoing business demands. Pilots for this programme were conducted in 2012 in Ecuador, Ghana, Nigeria and Romania.

In India, the Partnership for Prevention programme has built on existing basic healthcare for employees making services more comprehensive, easier to use and more widely available. This is a voluntary program and there up to are forty preventive healthcare services available to GSK Consumer Healthcare employees and their families at no cost. There is also an employee engagement plan in place to keep awareness of the programme high and encourage uptake of its services.

GSK – one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.  For further information please visit

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