BANKEDGE launches its 12th Banking Training Centre to Accelerate Next Phase of Banking Career Opportunities in KOLKATA.

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April 16 2016,  15.05 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Kolkata, 15th April, 2016

BANKEDGE opened today the doors of its Kolkata Training Centre at 5A Sadananda Road, 2nd Floor, Behind Kalika Cinema, Near Jatin Das Metro Station, Hazra, Kolkata.

BANKEDGE launches its 12th Banking Training Centre to Accelerate Next Phase of Banking Career Opportunities in KOLKATA.

BANKEDGE launches its 12th Banking Training Centre to Accelerate Next Phase of Banking Career Opportunities in KOLKATA.

The aim of this Centre is to promote awareness about various career opportunities in Banking and Financial Services Sector for today’s unemployed young graduates, for especially those who are in the Age group of 21-25 Years and are staying in Kolkata and nearby radius of 100-150 kms on the outskirts. The Centre will study the current situation and future trends of Recruitment in Banking Industry in Kolkata and will create trained manpower of young graduates through the organization of training programs focusing BFSI Industry. It will also create local placement opportunities for these trained graduates for various entry level jobs at the Retail Branch Banking level and Back End Operations.

On this occasion Mr. Santosh Joshi, C.E.O. of BANKEDGE said, with state of the art facilities and the latest training curriculum that meets BFSI Industry standards, BANKEDGE strive to offer students a comprehensive education in the growing field of Banking and Financial Services sector. We try to better ourselves and provide a global exposure to the students. The new Centre at Kolkata is our stepping stone in East India Region and will be an opportunity for the students to achieve superior training with our extensive curriculum and expert faculty members who has vast experience in the BFSI Industry.

Commenting on the launch of the new Centre, Ms. Shreya Agarwal, Business Partner with BANKEDGE, said, we are proud to be associated with BANKEDGE. The Banking industry is growing at an exhilarating pace. This is one of the most sought after careers amongst the young graduates and we are sure that we will create good career opportunities for Fresher’s who are aspiring to make their career in Banking Sector with the help of our training Programs aimed at Entry Level Recruitments in BFSI Sector.

BANKEDGE has designed comprehensive Banking Training Programs that build competencies on 3 parameters – banking domain, application and customer-service needed by new-age banking professionals. These are short-term (90 to 120 days) training programs that enable young graduates to pick up banking skills, understand the technology used in day to day banking, prepare them for customer service job roles and also enable them to understand the work pressure that comes with the bank job, improves their communication and presentation skills and also help them retain the job that they get into.

In order to cater to the growing need of trained manpower in banking segment, the Centre will offer Advanced Banking Programs with the main focus on Retail Branch Banking and Back End Operations Jobs. Some of the flagship courses such as –PROBE (Professional Banking Executive Program), BSO (Branch Sales Officer Program), FINSTREAM – Undergraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance and TestPro - IBPS Training Program for Nationalized Bank Job Opportunities, will be available at the Centre.


BANKEDGE, the banking academy is an experienced, professionally managed, career training company.

We are active business participants in India’s banking and financial services domain, by virtue of our expertise in providing modern, highly relevant and technology driven training and learning for fresh graduates who aspire to make a career in banking.
We are a team of serious minded, committed, intelligent and tech savvy professionals, who see unlimited career potential in India’s banking and financial services sector. Our core objective is to facilitate and ease the entry of every aspiring banker into this vertical, by offering a strategic mix of exclusive eLearning plus the direct impact of classroom sessions.

BANKEDGE is a valued partner to major private banks and important financial institutions, in their quest for recruiting personnel across nearly every entry level position.
By studying them closely, we have come to understand their diverse functions and the quality of human assets needed to deliver a particular function. It is this insight that we leverage during our training and this is what makes us a distinct and preferred choice during recruitment cycles.
When you entrust your career to us, we are fully aware of the responsibility and the expectations that you and your parents have from us. We therefore ensure that you are professionally counseled prior to admission and during your learning period with us we continuously strive to keep our curriculum updated and relevant to real life banking environment. We have built up a repository of experience, expertise and excellence over the years in this specialized domain and this we open up for you to access and learn from, on the way to building a career of your choice in the exciting world of banking.
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