Voice Personality: Compatible or Conflicting?

March 14 2016,  16.41 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Voice Personality: Compatible or Conflicting?

-    Communication plays a very important role in everyone’s day to day life. Without communication, life would come to a standstill. But it is very important to understand that without effective communication skills, there is no bright career. It sounds so simple to say what you mean. But all too often, what we try to communicate gets lost in translation despite our best intention. It matters the most when it comes to your growth, organizationally, personally, professionally or say completely. It is rightly said,

"Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life."

   Vipin Sarin, founder Access Training & Corporate Solution

Communication is a scholarly skill and can be learnt. It's not an innate ability. Once you develop this capability or ability to communicate well, you will be able to succeed in personal and professional arena. A great author once said, "The buzz word in today’s time is encashment. Learn to encash on your abilities, capabilities, strengths and whatever you can benefit from. Those who encash they succeed and those who do not, keep on struggling."

Your voice is one of the strongest ingredients of your personality. It is often called as voice personality. It is all about how you speak or the way you speak. It defines you. Your behaviour is your introduction. The strongest projection of your behaviour is through your communication style. Better define yourself before people define you. It is said most of the time people define themselves wrong.

We are never one we are three. One what we think about us. Two what others think about us and three what we really are. To make people think right about us we need to project ourselves right. We need to understand in today’s work and world environment projection matters the most.

When we talk about our projection what comes to our mind is that we always speak two languages one from tongue and second from the body. We all know light travels faster than sound, hence rightly said you are seen first then heard. Seeing you forces people to form an opinion about you. If it is in favour then good, if not then your voice personality works to change it to your favour. Good gestures and postures spreading positive vibes can make a difference.

More of acceptance less of resistance is the word when it comes to being compatible with others or conflicting. For example you show warmth in your body language you get warmth. You show cold shoulders you get the same may be ten times more. A universal truth is what you give you get ten times more of it.

Now voice personality is all about compatible voice communication. Communication is divided in two categories: speaking and listening. To further differentiate speaking into:

Conversation and Presentation

Conversation is all about asking and telling in the question form most of the time. Presentation here doesn’t mean public speaking. It is all about presenting your point or may be speaking for long on an issue, subject or topic.

Now when it comes to listening, we need to master the art of listening effectively and empathetically. We need to understand the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing a physical act where some energy hits our ear drums and sounds. Listening is to understand correctly what is said and what is unsaid.

It is said hardly we listen. What is said we listen half of it, what half we have listened able to register or remember half of it and further half is what we understand and evaluate. On the basis of that we respond. We need to judge what the response will be, right or wrong - compatible or conflicting.

When it comes to speaking whatever you speak should have more of acceptance and less of resistance. That is what we call compatibility in communication or right compatible communication. You need to master 6 C’s of communication:

Clarity- Clarity of thoughts and clarity of tongue will make a remarkable difference in correct understanding by others for what you have spoken. God makes everything in the pair of two, Good- Bad; Positive- Negative; Drishti – Srishthi; Clarity - Confusion. You need to make a choice, is your speaking offering clarity or confusion.

Correctness- It includes all about right speaking i.e. right choice of words, right placement of words and no missing words. Beware we are masters of incorrect sentence making.

Conciseness – Speak less but complete. Yes we all are great story tellers but does not sound great in the corporate world. Speak less and speak worthy. Speaking less allows more to remembered by the other person. So that he evaluates most and responds back correctly.

Completeness- If you don’t want others to be a victim of presumptions and assumptions speak complete. Going for confirmations and affirmations will make a difference.

Convincing- Why should you be listening to someone or reading something if that is not convincing. One may say thousand words but everyone has a school of thought and an autonomous body so why will they give the charge of their mind to you when you are not convincing enough.

Confidence- Doing something with a gut feeling that I am 100% correct is confidence. You are only confident about things you know or you have practiced. Practice so that it leaves no place for uncertainty in your communication.

Master the six C’s and be a good communicator. Good communication skills are some of the simplest, most essential and most useful tools for success you can possess.