Hairline Offers a Host of Internationally Renowned Techniques of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

March 02 2016,  17.30 PM IST || Pocket News Alert

Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic offers a range of surgical procedures to help a potential client deal with hair loss and baldness. However, the organization also understands that a number of people fear the idea of a “surgery” and look for non-surgical methods of hair replacement. Hairline International has long since been offering its clients the techniques of hair weaving, a non-surgical procedure which ensures some great results.

Hairline Offers a Host of Internationally Renowned Techniques of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair weaving is also referred to as hair bonding and fixing. There are several approaches to this non-surgical procedure. Each of them however, first begins with an evaluation of existing hair, its density and then the expectations of the client from the procedure. There are three primary methods of hair fixing that you may look forward to:

Hair Weaving: Tracks are created with existing hair and strengthened with medicated thread. This is used as a base for an external hair piece that is then woven into this base. This hair can then be styled in any way.

Silicon Gel System: This is a system that ensures minimum maintenance. The toupee is glued onto the head with a unique silicon gel system. Bi-monthly visits to ensure that the toupee is firmly affixed is all that you will need to do, besides styling your hair the way you want it.
Hairline Offers a Host of Internationally Renowned Techniques of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Custom-made toupees: Hairline International also believes in providing the best of customized hair bases, where a client can choose to blend together various options to create one unique hair product to use.

Hairline International offers options such as the Hairline Super Soft Original, which is the USP of the organization and not available elsewhere. It is created in a manner that allows complete ventilation and covers specific areas of baldness where needed.

The Super Fine Californian is another option with a fine filament base that offers a realistic look and is available in a range of colors and sizes.

Also available is the Heavy Welded with a strong base structure and the feature of allowing refilling of hair. This toupee has a long term dependability.

Dr. Dinesh Gowda, Dermato-surgeon, Hairline International interacts closely with patients on a daily basis and finds that during consultations people hesitate undergoing a hair transplant procedure for fear of the surgery aspect. While the procedure is perfectly harmless, offering patients the option non-surgical intervention really works well.

Ms. Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International believes that through the research wing of the organization, it is possible to bring in the latest international techniques and base materials for the creation of toupees that are as close to having a real head of hair as possible. This is an option that helps put several minds at ease.

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