Women can dream of having smooth, soft and glowing skin. But the big dilemma is to maintain such hygiene and cleanliness due to pollution, bad weather and our worse eating habits. Getting a picture-perfect and flawless skin requires hard work, as you have to seriously work on it. It is one of the main elements of a beautiful personality that one can wish for. A healthy and refreshing skin lets you feel fresh and young. So why not start working from today just by avoiding pollution, changing our eating habits and following some amazing tried and tested home remedies.

It is your lifestyle and skincare regime that helps you to have perfect glowing skin. Some other leading factors that severely affect your skin are lack of sleep, stress, sun exposure, drinking alcohol and excessive smoking. There are countless expensive and inexpensive skincare products available in market that can promise you to give that glow on the skin. Rather than relying on such products, why not trying out some amazing home remedies that will cost you less and the results they will give will be outstanding. Let’s have look at

7 of the most amazing and effective home remedies to a glowing skin:


Turmeric for Glowing Skin

Turmeric is one amazing natural food that has amazing antiseptic and skin-whitening properties. Its proper usage can reduce scars and other heavy marks on skin. Turmeric can also reduce inflammation, allergies and infections related to skin that usually makes your skin dull and pale.

  • Take one tablespoon of turmeric powder and mix it with enough pineapple juice or orange juice to make a paste. Carefully apple this paste on your face and neck in circular motion. Leave it to dry and wash it with lukewarm water. Follow this remedy two to three times in a week for amazing glow.

  • Take equal amounts of gram flour and turmeric powder and mix it with water to form a paste. Apply it on your face and neat leaving it to dry. Wash it off with lukewarm water while scrubbing. Repeat this method at least three times a week.


Lemon for Glowing Skin

Lemon is one of the excellent ingredients that can be confidently used to get an amazing glow on your skin. It also has some amazing natural skin lightening properties that provides instant glow to your skin. The citric property of lemon can be used to scrub out all sorts of impurities and dead skin out of your skin. Vitamin C reduces under eye bags and dark spots. Lemon also has an amazing bleaching property that cleans your skin color efficiently.

  • Cut a fresh lemon in two halves. Take one half and start rubbing it gently on your skin. Whether it’s your face, neck, hands or feet, lemon can clean any part of the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

  •  You can also mix one lemon juice with a teaspoon of honey and apply the your skin. Whether it’s your face, neck, hands or feet, lemon can clean any part of the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

  • Repeat these methods at least twice a week for instant glow on the skin.


Baking Soda for Glowing Skin

If you want to balance the pH levels of your skin than you surely have to use baking soda. Maintenance of these pH levels is very important for clear skin. It is also an amazing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that can help you reduce pimples, acne and spots. It can also be used as an excellent exfoliating agent.

  • Take one teaspoon of baking soda and mix it well with water or lemon juice to form a paste. Use this paste to gently exfoliate your skin. Rinse your face with fresh water and pat it dry with a towel. Apply a nice moisturizer.

  • Another very good method to use baking soda is to mix it with some honey and form a paste. Apply it like a mask and keep it on face for about 15-20 minutes. Wash it away with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer after drying your skin with a soft towel.

  • Follow this amazing remedy once a week.


Aloe Vera for Glowing Skin

Fresh Aloe Vera can provide many benefits to your skin. It is antibacterial in nature that can help to reduce your acne and its anti-inflammatory property will help reduce irritation of skin. It also works as an amazing natural moisturizer.

  • Cut a fresh Aloe Vera leaf.
  • Slice it in half and extract the gel.
  • Apply it gently on your face like a mask and leave it for half an hour.
  • Rinse your face with fresh water.
  • Follow this method several times a week.


Honey for Glowing Skin

To keep your skin clear and glowing one can use honey with no fear. Honey is one of the great moisturizers and an antibacterial that can kill infection in less time.
  • Try to apple raw honey directly on your skin. Let it dry completely and then was it off with lukewarm water. Honey can moisturize your skin due to its high water content leaving it supple and soft. Try this method once daily. 
  • You can also try mixing two teaspoons of milk with a teaspoon of honey to form a paste. You can also add one teaspoon of gram flour for better results. Apply it as a mask on your face and leave it to dry. Once dry wash it with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer. Try this remedy at least twice weekly.


Cucumber for Glowing Skin

The nourishing, hydrating and astringent properties of cucumber make it one amazing food. These properties are excellent for a clear and glowing skin. Cucumbers can be used efficiently to enhance the overall appearance of the skin. It removes dead skin cell, repairs damaged skin and adds instant glow to your face.

  • Cut some fresh thick slices of cucumber and rub it gently all over your face. Leave it overnight and rinse it with water the next morning. Follow this method once daily.

  • Take equal amount of cucumber and lemon juice and form a mixture. Apply it on your skin, leave it to dry and wash it off with water. Do this process daily for 10 days to see the difference on your skin.

Coconut oil for Glowing Skin

Coconut is one nature’s gift that is rich in antioxidants that can help reduce free radicals that are the main reason behind lifeless and dull skin. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties help you to maintain a nice, smooth and clear skin. It also well moisturizes dry and flaky skin.

  • Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and gently warm it in microwave.
  • Apply it on your face, hands, neck and legs.
  • Massage for about 10 minutes.
  • Leave it properly soaks down and then wash it with lukewarm water.
  • Use this amazing treatment twice daily. You can also use it as a regular moisturizer.

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